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Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing an investment property we are frequently asked a number of questions by our clients. So to save you time we have listed a few of these questions below. If you have any further questions please feel free to Contact Us.

Why is property a good investment in 2015?

It's no secret that anyone with funds in the bank is rarely making any interest on their cash in today's market. Interest rates are the lowest they have been since World War 2 and with the current rate of inflation those funds are actually losing value on a daily basis. There are many investment opportunities in the current market today, but rarely do any of these products provide a safe investment such as property. 2015 is a particularly good year for property investment with many opportunities available for investors. Great wealth is created in times of recession and not just in times of growth. RW Invest are bringing a number of new opportunities to the market in 2014 such as tenanted buy to let property, students pods and hotel room investments.

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How is my money protected?

If you are buying a completed and tenanted property then your money is held with the solicitors until you exchange contracts and take ownership of the property.

How long has RW Invest been established?

As a property company we have been established in London since 2004 offering UK and overseas investment property. We have built strong relationships with clients, developers and agents over the years and continue to offer some of the most exciting opportunities in the market. 2015 will see RW Invest offer a number of different investment opportunities such as completed and tenanted buy to let apartments and completed hotel and student pod investments.

What is the next step?

If you would like to invest with us and learn more about our company then call +44(0)20 3176 6720 or email us at [email protected]

Key Steps to Invest in 2014

Cash Flow Positive

There are many property deals out there in today’s market that do not provide a cash flow positive investment when you deduct all the expenses and mortgage payments. The good news is that there are profitable buy-to-let properties that will provide you with a cash flow positive investment if you look hard enough. Additionally in the current climate there is no need to gamble on the property market and buy houses or flats off plan or non tenanted because there are completed properties available with tenants in place.

In the summer 2011 we launched a selection of discounted and tenanted city centre apartments in Leeds. The apartments priced at £105,000 provided investors with a net profit of £3,708.12 based on a 65% mortgage at 3.89%. Why take the gamble and speculate on a non tenanted UK property when you can invest in something more concrete? For more information on this have a look at Skyline Apartments.

Supply & Demand (Know the potential of the area)

We speak to many clients from the UK and overseas who are considering buying property in areas they are not familiar with and that can be a mistake. Selling agents will often talk up areas when selling property and whether or not their information is accurate, it’s very important to carry out your own research. Simply speaking to lettings agents about rental prices and occupancy levels is a great place to start.

If an agent tells you that a property can achieve 8% rental return, you need to be sure that a rental price can be achieved in that area to provide you with a good return. Simply relying on marketing materials alone is not enough. If you know the area and know the potential that the area can bring to your investment, it will help you make a more informed decision.

Know Your Exit Strategy

It’s no good investing in a property if you don’t have a clear exit strategy. The big question is “When the time comes to sell your property, who is going to buy it from you?”  The property might be an exciting opportunity now, but will it be a good investment or well priced home to someone else in a few years time? Knowing your exit strategy should be key to any investment decision and if you cannot see a clear one then don’t buy it!

Diversify Your Portfolio

Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away when investing in property and buy multiple units in a particular area or even in the same development. It is very, very important to diversify your portfolio and spread the risk into different deals and areas. The age-old English proverb of ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ remains true to this day.

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