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The purchase price of a property plays a huge part in the investing journey. Whenever you purchase an investment property, you want to be sure that the price meets your budget and is low enough to generate the best possible returns. As a market leader in UK property investments, RW Invest has established a strong reputation for sourcing high-yield properties for our clients. In order to generate such attractive yields, we make sure that all of our investment opportunities come with affordable prices, along with being located in areas with high rental costs.


Thanks to over a decade of experience in the industry, our connections with many of Britain’s most highly-regarded property developers allow us to source investment opportunities at below-market rates. We work hard to find fantastic investment opportunities with the lowest prices and highest returns. Location plays a big part in this, as certain cities in the UK offer lower average property prices than others. Predominantly focusing on thriving Northern cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, we at RW Invest offer the opportunity to achieve both comfortable monthly returns combined with long-term capital growth.


The average house price in Liverpool costs around £130,677, while the average house price in Manchester stands at around £173,381. While these prices are already a lot lower than property prices in some other parts of the UK, here at RW Invest, we offer a selection of properties in Liverpool and Manchester that are priced under £75,000. These affordably priced properties are ideal for the first time investor, or those seeking a low priced investment opportunity to add to their property portfolio. Because of the low prices of these properties, they also come with some impressive rental yields of up to 7 and 8 per cent.


We pay special attention to the area our investment opportunities are based in. This allows us to offer our clients the chance to invest in high-demand areas of each city, boosting rental returns for the investor. The locations we choose for our properties also result in a high chance of capital growth. Liverpool and Manchester already boast some of the fastest-growing property prices in the UK, and this potential is made even higher when you focus on areas that are undergoing a lot of regeneration. By investing in one of our below £75,000 properties, you can benefit from a combination of lucrative rental returns and excellent capital growth potential.


Along with guaranteed yields, full management is available for many of our property opportunities, making these perfect for hands-off investors looking for predictable returns. If you’re interested in making an investment with us and feel that our more affordable property options suit your goals and budget perfectly, be sure to get in touch. One of our dedicated team members would love to guide you through our available properties priced under £75,000 and help you select the best opportunity for you. Click the investment properties at the top of this page for more information on each of our properties and the potential they can bring.

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