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RW Invest are specialists in sourcing buy to let properties. Our portfolio of houses, flats and luxury apartments are carefully chosen to offer you the very best returns possible.


We focus our investment properties in the North of England, where lower purchase prices and a healthy rental market ensure maximum yields for our partners.


Often available below market value, our properties for sale offer guaranteed rental income from month one, helping to see a rapid return on your investment. Rates vary by property, but typically offer 6-7%. Additionally, capital growth can push these returns higher still over the long term.


Alongside our range of investment properties, we are able to offer a full range of associated landlord services, such as assistance with buy-to-let mortgages and full-management on most new-build properties.


See below for our current Buy to Let Investments.


RW Invest Properties For Sale

Investing made easy…


Search our site for your ideal investment by location and / or price


Register your interest in any of our properties online or by phone


Speak to an advisor about your property selection


Sign documentation and wait for completion

What our clients say...

This purchase has been a breeze from start to finish. RW and the client care team made the purchase very easy and helped me arrange contracts and paperwork which is a big help as I don’t live in the UK anymore.
At the time I wasn’t sure that Leeds was the right place to invest. You guys told me that there was a big regeneration going on and that prices would without a doubt start going up post crash. Well I took a punt and it’s paid off. Thanks for giving me the confidence and I can see the same is now true of Liverpool.

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