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[Location Spotlight] Buy to Let to Benefit from Liverpool’s Ambitious Plans

By Julian Ramsden, Director | 7 January 2016

Liverpool’s Ambitious Plans Will Benefit Buy to Let

At the end of 2015, Liverpool council backed property investment plans totalling £97 million.

There are 17 different schemes that will redevelop brownfield land, building new homes and refurbishing existing properties. The first tranche of property is due to be completed in the second half of 2016.

This £97 million investment is welcome news for a number of reasons

First of all, there’s obviously the much-talked-about housing shortage, and schemes like these are key to solving this national problem.

Secondly, the buy-to-let market has seen a seismic shift from London to northern locations such as Liverpool and Manchester recently.

The housing markets in these cities are finally recovering from recession, and improving consumer confidence and competitive mortgage rates are boosting demand. High yields and low void periods have attracted buy-to-let investors.

However, there’s a huge shortage of new homes in Liverpool – and a substantial number of existing properties that need improvement before they can be put on the market.

Schemes like the 17 in development are vital to meeting growing demand, offering more opportunities for owner-occupiers, investors and tenants alike.

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