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City Terraces has sold out in double quick time since its March 2018 launch.

The luxury Liverpool development, the first as a partnership between RW Invest and Nexus Residential, went on to sell 34 apartments since the development was made available. The apartments are one and two-bedroom spaces spread over four floors and have catered to the spiking and ever-increasing demand for high-quality residential property in the historic heart and soul of a bustling and rejuvenated Liverpool.

City Terraces External Image

City Terraces boasts incredible features that proved too tempting for buy to let investors to turn down. A secure compound and car parking area, a beautiful landscape garden that offers unique and much needed outdoor space for residents and an enviable location are the main features of this much-vaunted and sought-after development.

Situated less than a mile from the Liverpool Waterfront, the high-energy Baltic Triangle and vital transport links such as Brunswick Station, future residents will have no shortage of bars, restaurants, leisure and entertainment near to their brand-new luxury apartments.

The rapid sell out of the City Terraces apartments proves that the Liverpool property market, fast becoming one of the ultimate property investment hotspots in the country, has many potential and willing suitors ready to invest their money into.

City Terraces is one of the jewels in the RW Invest crown. Offering below market value prices of £86,995 and a rental yield of 7%, its potential for strong capital growth was one of the primary factors for the speedy sell out of this luxury property.

City Terraces Liverpool Internal Image

Jennifer Lawler, a Property Investment Consultant at RW Invest who was involved in the sale of several of the City Terraces apartments, forecast incredible potential for those who have invested in this prime piece of Liverpool buy-to-let property.

“Because the property was considerably below the market value it was clear for the investors to see straight away that City Terraces was much better value for money,” said Jennifer.

“Very important to this development was the potential for growth. Being so close to the Echo Arena, only half a mile from the Royal Albert Dock and not far from the Liverpool Waters regeneration project.

“Give it five, ten years, and we’re going to see a huge boom in property prices. City Terraces was already extremely competitive, so imagine what the returns and yields will be once all of this regeneration has taken place.”

Nexus Residential, RW Invest’s partner in the City Terraces endeavour, is one of the most prestigious developers in Liverpool. They have involved themselves with high-class developments such as City Residence, L1 Studios, Marina Lofts and One Islington Plaza.

Capital Developments have also picked up the award for Best Small New Home Development at the North West Property Awards for their work on the site.

Nexus Management will provide the building management for City Terraces and look to keep the development as ethical and cost-effective as possible. Working alongside environmental energy company Guild Energy who promise to provide clients with clean, affordable and ethically sound energy, Nexus will also source local cleaning and management services to provide more to the local economy.

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