8 Water Street Liverpool Living Area

8 Water Street Construction Updates

8 Water Street Construction Update – November 2017

8 Water Street Construction Update – December 2017

8 Water Street Construction Update – April 2018

8 Water Street Construction Update – September 2018

8 Water Street Development Progress

Welcome to 8 Water Street. A luxury residence in the heart of Liverpool city centre, this premium investment opportunity offers studios, one and two-bedroom apartments with a 7% NET rental return assured by the highly experienced developer. Prices start from £125,000 in a rare and significantly below market value chance to invest in buy to let property. A spectacular roof garden boasts panoramic views of Liverpool’s stunning city landscape whilst the apartments also have prime access to Liverpool’s vast regeneration projects, transport links and cultural hotspots. Estimated completion is November 2018. Keep up to date with the latest 8 Water Street Construction Update below.

Liverpool City Centre – The Place To Be

Liverpool city centre is a buy to let investor’s dream. The historic area has benefited immensely from a spike in its population as the city’s economy soars and vast regeneration projects begin to take effect.

From 2002 to 2015, Liverpool city centre enjoyed a massive 181% surge in its population, the majority of whom are students and young professionals. These two demographics make up the biggest number of those deemed to be part of ‘Generation Rent’. These 20 to 29-year-olds are most likely to seek rental properties and for much longer terms than in the past and than current generations. For investors, this means higher returns over a longer period of time.

The city centre and surrounding areas will undergo major regeneration and restorative works over the next few years. The £5.6 billion Liverpool Waters scheme will revamp and transform the city’s waterfront with one of the UK’s most ambitious regeneration projects. Project Jennifer will convert the previously neglected area of Anfield into a brand-new haven for retail, commerce and residential properties. The work being undertaken on the city’s ports will welcome even more visitors to an already popular buy to let destination.

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