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Caxton Hall Student Accommodation

Caxton Hall Construction Updates

Caxton Hall Construction Update – November 2017

Caxton Hall Construction Update – February 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – April 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – July 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – August 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – September 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – October 2018

Caxton Hall Construction Update – March 2019

Caxton Hall Construction Update – July 2019

Caxton Hall Development Progress

Caxton Hall is a sensitive refurbishment of a Victorian hall into an exclusive collection of boutique apartments. With a variety of units on offer ranging from studios to duplexes, Caxton Hall presents a lucrative and versatile investment opportunity in central Manchester. Bay windows and decorative accolades make this building stand out from other apartment blocks in the area that are significantly higher priced. From only £112,500, you can secure a below market value property destined to be a hit with Manchester’s abundance of young professional tenants.

The construction works on Caxton Hall are progressing well, with all water ingress repairs now complete and all window refurbishments and installations implemented. The roofing work on the property is also close to completion, and roof lights have been fitted, which has enabled the commencement of the extra floor conversion. The cleaning of the building’s exterior has begun, and the scaffold drop will commence in the coming weeks.

For more detailed information on the latest construction developments for this project, take a look at the Caxton Hall Construction Updates above.

Why invest in Salford

Caxton Hall is based in one of the most sought-after areas in Manchester – Salford. This location offers yields of up to 9%, as well as the benefit of significant capital appreciation due to the ongoing regeneration being carried out in this central area. This includes the introduction of housing, commercial, and leisure-based property, which has completely transformed the area and massively increased tenant interest.

Greengate Square, which is also adjacent to Caxton Hall, is currently undergoing a makeover that is set to be the catalyst for private sector investment of up to £400 million and is expected to create 5,200 jobs. The Greengate scheme is in place to upgrade the historic area, and create a central point for Salford residents to work, live and enjoy life.

Caxton Hall is a stone’s throw away from the only five-star hotel in Manchester – The Lowry. This element of luxury is injected into Caxton Hall apartments, making it more attractive to tenants who are looking for an upscaled property in a central location like Salford. They are conveniently placed near luxury shops such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, allowing tenants to indulge by merely crossing the street.

Manchester – A Place To Live and Work

Manchester was recently named the most liveable city in the UK by The Economist’s Global Liveability Index for 2018. It saw off competition from the likes of London, Washington DC and Reykjavik.

It is no accident that Manchester is considered such an attractive place to live, work and study. Deemed the UK’s ‘second city’ after London, Manchester is amid a resurgence and economic boom that has made it a viable global economic contender in a relatively short space of time. As a key cog in the Northern Powerhouse machine, Manchester has experienced massive population growth, extensive regeneration projects and an increase in the numbers of young professionals, graduates and students; the demographics that comprise the majority of what we know as ‘Generation Rent’.

Buy to let investors in Manchester will find high demand for their properties from these groups of people; such is the clamour to live in Manchester city centre.

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