City Terraces Development Progress

City Terraces is a unique development featuring 34 high-end one and two-bedroom apartments in a stunning area of Liverpool, just minutes from the trendy Baltic Triangle and beautiful Liverpool Marina and Waterfront. With a NET rental return of 7% and prices from just £86,995, this lucrative investment opportunity is perfect for those looking to capitalise on Liverpool’s booming residential sector. Developed by industry experts Nexus Residential and maintained by Nexus Management, City Terraces benefits from collaborations with award-winning Liverpool based specialists. Find out about the current progress of this distinctive Liverpool development due for completion in July 2019 with the latest City Terraces Construction Update below.

City Terraces Construction Update – April 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – May 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – June 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – July 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – August 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – September 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – October 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – December 2018

City Terraces Construction Update – January 2019

City Terraces Construction Update – February 2019

City Terraces Construction Update – March 2019


Liverpool – A Place To Invest

Liverpool has enjoyed an incredible renaissance in recent years, positioning itself as a viable global economic contender. A lot of hard work has gone into bringing Liverpool back to a position of prominence and the city is reaping the rewards.

Liverpool has a displayed a fervent ambition that has made it appealing to workers, students and investors, who all see the Northern Powerhouse city as the best place to live, work and invest in throughout the whole of the UK.

About the Developer

The City Terraces developer, Nexus Residential, has already collaborated with industry experts on some of Liverpool’s most exciting new property developments. These include City Residence, L1 Studios, Marina Lofts and One Islington Plaza. Now, working alongside an industry-leading construction company, award-winning architects, quantity surveyors and property agents, Nexus are delighted to present City Terraces.

Nexus Management will provide the building management for the development, encompassing local energy saving company, Guild Energy, who go the extra mile to help all their clients find the best possible energy deals in an ethical and transparent manner. In addition, Nexus Management will utilise local cleaning and management services to ensure that City Terraces is kept clean, tidy and secure.

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