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Hamilton Hub Liverpool Studio Living Area

Construction Updates

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – August 2018

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – November 2018

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – December 2018

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – January 2019

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – March 2019

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – May 2019

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – July 2019

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – August 2019

Hamilton Hub Construction Update – September 2019

Hamilton Hub Development Progress

Welcome to Hamilton Hub, a modern student development situated in the heart of Wirral – one of the UK’s largest regeneration projects. Furnished to the highest standard are a mix of studio and en-suite apartments, designed with comfort and luxury in mind. This premium investment opportunity assures an 8% NET rental return for five years, by a developer renowned for their previously noteworthy successes. With prices starting as low as £45,450, this residence is significantly below market value and guaranteed to provide a lucrative investment through the strong potential for capital appreciation.

The construction of Hamilton Hub is running seamlessly on schedule, with 100% completion of the plastering on all ground floor units, and all bathrooms now fitted on floors 0-2. All rooms have been painted, and windows fitted on every level, including the two-storey extension, which features 44 rooms. Plumbing and electrical installations have now commenced, including the lift to all floors. The next steps include completing ground floor drainage and the single-storey extension, which should all be completed before the end of the year.

To get a more detailed outlook on the progression of Hamilton Hub, take a look at the latest construction updates above.

Wirral – Student Property Hotspot

Wirral has quickly positioned itself as one of the UK’s newly-established student property hotspots. Wirral has benefited from Liverpool’s accelerated economic and population growth, as students are looking to pastures new for their purpose-built student accommodation. While typically students look for accommodation within walking distance of their university, this can actually be much more costly in comparison to an area like Birkenhead town centre where Hamilton Hub is located. This location offers a lot of similar aspects to the city centre, as well as providing a quieter way to live. This is ideal for third-year or masters students who want to be rid of the nightlife distractions and focus on their work. It is also perfect for young professionals who want to avoid city centre expenses and instead save money while following their dream career path.

Wirral is also bringing more students to the area, enabling them to move away from centralised education. It is the recipient of two brand-new educational institutes, that will offer their students the very best and latest modes of education and innovative technology.

The recent opening of the University of Chester’s Marriss House in Birkenhead means that a large proportion of the UK’s best and brightest student nurses will be taught in Wirral. Having officially opened on October 5th, 2018, Marriss House will equip its eager students with the necessary skills to provide top-class healthcare.

The Mersey Maritime Knowledge Hub is a Liverpool John Moores University institution based in Wirral that will serve as an incubator for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Liverpool City Region is leading the way regarding digital and technological innovation in its employment sectors, particularly in areas such as the Baltic Triangle, and the Mersey Maritime Knowledge Hub will provide students with the perfect conditions to learn and improve.

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