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Hollywood Manchester Living Area

Construction Updates

Hollywood Construction Update – September 2018

Hollywood Construction Update – December 2018

Hollywood Construction Update – July 2019

Hollywood Development Progress

An excellent investment opportunity can be found in Hollywood apartments in Manchester. Located next to MediaCityUK in Salford, the apartments are situated in one of the UK’s most famed areas for media and digital business. An 8% NET rental return is assured for three years in a capital appreciation hotspot confirmed to benefit from the £1 billion in regeneration happening nearby. Low-carbon technologies, a tram stop right outside, and a leading developer all boast reasons to invest in these buy-to-let studios and one-bedroom flats.

Hollywood’s reputable developer has relayed that 100% of design proposals are now complete, as well as all the first stages of construction. Phase two has now commenced and is currently on schedule for completion in Q4 2019. To find out more information, read the Hollywood Construction Update above for a detailed progress update.

Investment Overview

Hollywood Manchester will be comprised of 59 high-end, luxury residential apartments that offer tenants a modern way of living. The development will give tenants a superior living experience that is rarely matched by other developments across the UK.

Hollywood Manchester has sustainability and environmental impact at the very heart of its existence. Underfloor heating and solar panels aim to bring maximum energy efficiency to the build going forward.

This means savings and higher returns across the board for investors. Greater energy efficiency brings lower energy and utility bills, allowing investors the chance to make better returns and higher profits on their rental income.

The rise of Media City

Hollywood apartments are located closeby to Media City, which is one of the most upcoming and economically-viable areas in the UK. It is also home to two of the most reputable media companies – BBC and ITV, as well as various other creative companies, increasing employment opportunities across Manchester.

There has been plenty of regeneration in Media City and the surrounding areas in Salford, which has enabled it to become a property hotspot. This includes the expansion of housing, commercial property and university buildings. The Media City campus offers students state-of-the-art facilities, which has aided its popularity, as it is now one of the top choices for students both within the UK and beyond. This has increased the need for more student housing, as well as rented properties for young professionals who decide to stay in Manchester after graduation. Hollywood apartments are the perfect solution for the younger demographic who are looking to live near their place of study or workplace, while also having access to inner-city amenities.

About Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a vital component of the Northern Powerhouse economic initiative. Both Salford and Manchester have emerged as viable global economic contenders, and have attracted a wealth of overseas investment, regeneration, student numbers and young professionals.

This northern region possesses heaps of history and heritage, spanning sectors including industry, technology and transport, as well as being home to some of the hippest neighbourhoods in the UK such as the famous Northern Quarter.

Greater Manchester’s goal is a byword for growth, and investors would do well to get in on the ground floor at Hollywood Manchester.

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