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L1 Boutique Liverpool Living Area

Construction Updates

L1 Boutique Construction Update – June 2018

L1 Boutique Construction Update – August 2018

L1 Boutique Construction Update – September 2018

L1 Boutique Construction Update – October 2018

L1 Boutique Construction Update – December 2018

L1 Boutique Development Progress

L1 Boutique is nestled within Liverpool’s historic Ropewalks, an area that has experienced over £200 million of investment over the last decade, with further developments in the pipeline. Boutique shops and upmarket bars line the streets in which it is situated, creating a perfect environment for young professionals seeking urban living in a bustling city centre. Set in a transformed 18th-century Grade II listed building, L1 Boutique offers one, two- and three-bedroom apartments designed with luxurious living in mind. Offering below market value, prices start from £134,995, assuring a NET rental return of 7%, ideal for investors who wish to invest in a little bit of Liverpool’s history.

We are pleased to announce that our L1 Boutique developed has now reached completion in line with its estimated completion date back in December 2018.  You can still refer back to any of the construction updates above if you require any further information on your investment.

Liverpool City Centre – A Buy To Let Investor’s Paradise

In the past decade, Liverpool has surged in economic growth and population, making headway to returning to its place as a global economic contender. This began with the city being crowned the Capital of Culture in 2008 and ever since then it has made excellent progress in order to become the city that it is today. With everything from the impressive Liverpool One shopping district, and the variety of restaurants in walking distance of luxury apartments looking out to the waterfront, it is no wonder that investors are flocking to Liverpool city centre in search of a lucrative investment.

One of Liverpool’s greatest attributes is its rapid population growth. From 2002 to 2015, Liverpool city centre enjoyed a massive 181% surge in its population; the majority of the population are students and young professionals. This is due to Liverpool being named as one of the best university cities in Europe, as well as holding a high graduate retention rate, as there are more job opportunities available than ever before. These two demographics make up the biggest number of those deemed to be part of ‘Generation Rent’. These 20 to 29-year-olds are most likely to seek rental properties for much longer terms than previous generations, which is great news for investors, as this means higher returns over a longer period of time.

Liverpool city centre and its surrounding areas are to benefit from a myriad of extensive regeneration projects. The £5.6 billion Liverpool Waters scheme will revamp and transform the city’s waterfront with one of the UK’s most ambitious regeneration projects. The work being undertaken on the city’s ports will welcome even more visitors to an already popular buy to let hotspot. There are also plans to create five new neighbourhoods to accommodate residential, commercial and leisure spaces to replace the unoccupied dockland buildings. By investing in a property nearby this mass scale regeneration, you can expect to receive a significant amount of interest from tenants looking to benefit from the convenient location.

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