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Poets Place Construction Updayes

Poets Place

Poets Place Construction Update – August 2019

Poets Place Development Progress

One of Liverpool’s finest dual-purpose developments, Poets Place consists of 129 luxury apartments. Unique in its ability to appeal to both students and residential tenants, Poets Place will be a landmark for accommodation in Liverpool city centre just 950 metres from the £2 billion Knowledge Quarter. Keep up to date with the latest Poets Place construction update here.

Investments start from just £75,950 with an 8% NET rental return assured for 2 years, offering a lucrative opportunity in Liverpool’s profitable real estate market. A mixture of studios, 1 and 2-bedroom units are available to suit a wide range of tenants, and to satisfy varying investor needs.

The development is being built in a highly desirable and newly founded residential area of Liverpool city centre, close to multiple regeneration projects. The £150 million Project Jennifer, £45 million Merseyside Police headquarters, Fabric District and £2 billion Knowledge Quarter combine to create the perfect investment location. Poets Place is also only 500 metres from Liverpool John Moores University and a number of other campuses throughout Liverpool.

It’s the perfect place for students and professionals to live harmoniously in an innovative yet sophisticated environment. The project features under croft secure car parking, bike storage, advanced CCTV security and a concierge service running day in and day out for all tenants.

Poets Place is being developed by a highly acclaimed Liverpool company, with a proven track record in completing and tenanting high quality developments. Caro have £17.9 million worth of property in their portfolio, and also offer management services to apartments for any investors requiring a fully managed transaction. The developer projects an estimated completion date of Q4 2020.

Dual-Purpose Liverpool Investment

Liverpool’s population is growing at a rapid rate. The city centre population doubled in just a decade recently, and with 75% of this demographic aged between 17 and 30, the rental market consists primarily of young professionals.

With one of the largest open-air shopping centres in the UK and a highly established commercial district, there are endless job opportunities in the city attracting people from all over the UK and the globe. This is the perfect clientele for renting a luxury apartment in Poets Place, which is also open to student tenants.

Across three of its universities, Liverpool is home to around 70,000 students. Poets Place will be tailored to the more sophisticated student population, such as overseas students and postgraduates studying for their Master’s Degree and PHDs. In the University of Liverpool alone, there are over 8,000 international students.

Due to its wealth of history, art, music, nightlife and general culture, Liverpool has one of the highest graduate retention rates in the country which further boosts the demand for private rental accommodation in the city. As it stands, there are not enough residential and student apartments to satisfy the number of tenants. These are excellent circumstances for buy to let investment with prices constantly increasing in value and high assured NET rental returns. RW Invest offer below market value prices just like in Poets Place, where 1-bedroom apartments can be purchased with £96,450.

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