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Reliance House Liverpool Kitchen Area

Reliance House Construction Updates

Reliance House Construction Update – November 2017

Reliance House Construction Update – December 2017

Reliance House Construction Update – April 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – May 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – June 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – July 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – August 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – September 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – October 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – November 2018

Reliance House Construction Update – December 2018

Reliance House Development Progress

Reliance House is Liverpool city centre’s premium residential buy to let opportunity. At the heart of the commercial district, one and two-bedroom apartments offer an exceptionally high-quality investment with substantial rental income and potential for capital growth.

Just minutes from the iconic Liverpool waterfront, and seconds from the Liver Building, this development is one of a kind. An Edwardian style building with neoclassical architecture, stone façade and traditional features make this apartment building highly sought after. It combines Liverpool’s historic skyline and rich heritage with a modern twist. Interior includes large sash windows and integrated kitchens; the perfect balance of old and new. The featured windows within the property allow for floods of natural light within the building.

The refurbished building also features advanced automated secure door entry, effective wall downlighting and modern integrated appliances. Plus, since it’s a walkable distance to the Albert Dock, there are a plethora of things to do around the area. The location of Reliance House is at the heart of the city, surrounded by grade I and II buildings as well as museums and galleries, the apartments have strong capital growth potential.

This development is now completed and fully tenanted as of early 2019. Construction was completed on time and within budget. Since the success of both phase one and two, the launch of phase three, Reliance House Studios, is now taking place. These exciting premium studio apartments are located in the same building and have a lot to offer tenants and investors alike.

A full list of construction updates for Reliance House is available to view above.

Liverpool – A Place to Live and Invest

Liverpool has enjoyed an incredible renaissance over the last decade. Since the historic city enjoyed its year as European Capital of Culture in 2008, things have progressed in a positive way.

In the span of over a decade, the North West city has come on in leaps and bounds with a booming population, growing student numbers and multiple extensive regeneration projects. All of these factors combined have contrived to make Liverpool one of the most attractive places in the UK to live, work and invest.

Liverpool has benefited from a surge in its city centre population of young professionals, graduates and young professionals with a 181% increase. Thanks to huge regeneration projects such as Liverpool Waters, the city has made great moves to secure its future and ensure that it will remain as bright as its present. The Liverpool Waters project is estimated to cost upwards of £5 billion and provide Liverpool with new residential, commercial and student properties. Also, with the plans to build a new football stadium on the waterfront, tourism numbers are predicted to soar within the coming years. However, despite having to wait 30 years for completion of this site. Many other regeneration and restoration projects are happening throughout the city that contributes to the economic growth of Liverpool. Since 2013 alone, Liverpool has enjoyed the fastest growing economy compared to the national average. These figures underline the progress that is being made in Liverpool to sustain the increasing growth and continue it into the future. With many investors and new assets across the city and an outstanding environment for growth, the time to invest has never been better.

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