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Sky Gardens Construction Update

Construction Updates

Sky Gardens Construction Update – June 2018

Sky Gardens Construction Update – July 2018

Sky Gardens Construction Update – August 2018

Sky Gardens Construction Update – October 2018

Sky Gardens Construction Update – December 2018

Sky Gardens Construction Update – January 2019

Sky Gardens Construction Update – February 2019

Sky Gardens Construction Update – March 2019

Sky Gardens Construction Update – June 2019

Sky Gardens Construction Update – July 2019

Sky Gardens Construction Update – September 2019

Sky Gardens Development Progress

A sister project to Crosby Gardens, Sky Gardens is a luxurious city apartment building located in the UK’s most affluent urban postcode. Sophisticated roof gardens with exotic furniture offer unobstructed views of Liverpool’s landscape while the quality of apartments shines through the superior fixtures and fittings. Sky Gardens also has onsite car parking and easy transport links to the city centre. The 43 apartments are made up of studios, one and two bedrooms. Completion is predicted for September 2019 but to help you remain in the loop, you should take a look at the regular and detailed Sky Gardens construction updates here.

Crosby coastal living

Sky Gardens is ideally located just five minutes from Crosby Marina, and Crosby beach and tenants will love the opportunity to live in such a beautiful and connected area. By investing in apartments near the beach, you can guarantee to receive massive interest in your property, as well as increase rental prices to reflect the location.

This investment would attract young professionals, who are looking to escape the chaos of the city, while also having access to excellent transport links to Liverpool and Manchester. They should also be interested in the vibrancy of Crosby, as although it is a quiet beach town, there are also plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars around, which are just a stone’s throw away from Sky Gardens. This would attract tenants, as it gives them the choice of dining on their doorstep if they decide to give the city life a rest.

This development is also ideal for young couples who wish to settle in a suburban area by the beach. By renting an apartment, they can get a feel for the area and enable them to decide if it is the right place to start a family. Crosby is the perfect location for families, and young couples would do well to live in an area with established schools, parks and shopping facilities nearby.

Crosby – Urban Affluence

Crosby is a perfect combination of relaxed coastal charm and affluent town life while being able to offer a smattering of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Crosby is a brand-new hotspot in the UK property market, and the L22 postcode has positioned itself as a future mainstay on the buy to let property market. Even the national press have realised Crosby’s potential, with the Sunday Times putting the area into the top five places to live in the North West.

Crosby is a trendy and vital cultural area, bringing an aura of exclusivity to tenants and residents. Private schools and exclusive golf clubs stand near Anthony Gormley’s famous ‘Another Place’ art installation all the way along Crosby seafront.

Crosby already offers high rental yields, and investors would do well to understand that the area has incredible potential for huge capital appreciation growth and an increase in rental returns.

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