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West Point Manchester Kitchen Area

West Point Construction Updates

West Point Construction Update – June 2017

West Point Construction Update – July 2017

West Point Construction Update – August 2017

West Point Construction Update – September 2017

West Point Construction Update – October 2017

West Point Construction Update – November 2017

West Point Construction Update – January 2018

West Point Construction Update – February 2018

West Point Construction Update – April 2018

West Point Construction Update – June 2018

West Point Construction Update – July 2018

Westpoint Construction Update – January 2019

West Point Development Progress

West Point is a unique residential development in one of Manchester’s most ambitious regeneration zones – Old Trafford. Located in one of the Northern Powerhouse’s top hotspots for investment, West Point is being redeveloped into 346 high-quality units, complete with luxurious amenities including a gym, rooftop terrace and a landscaped Japanese garden area for residents to enjoy and unwind. Designed to combine state of the art furnishings with cutting edge low carbon technology, this build ensures energy efficiency is optimised, with the added benefit of an enhanced rental yield of 8% and future proof investment starting from £102,000.

We are delighted to announce that our West Point Development has now reached legal completion. To find out how this development progressed, you can take a look at the most recent construction update from January 2019. You can also see how this development has improved by taking a look at all the previous construction updates above.

Old Trafford regeneration

West Point apartments are located in Old Trafford’s new regeneration zone, which has experienced massive growth since its transformation. The revival of this area is still ongoing with more housing, commercial and leisure spaces being built to better the area and accommodate the people of Manchester by offering efficient homes, job opportunities, and lifestyle activities. Transport links are also being improved, with a new tram stop being implemented near Manchester United’s Trafford stadium. This makes navigating the city much easier for both residents and tourists.

A significant amount of regeneration is also scheduled for the educational sector, with plans to build a new campus quarter for the University Academy 92, a sports and media institution. This will attract a significant number of students to this area, who will also be looking for suitable accommodation nearby. West Point is the perfect place for students to reside, and investors will do well to recognise its potential to benefit from excellent returns. By investing in a prime regeneration area, you can also benefit from capital appreciation, as the area will become a prime property hotspot, resulting in an increase in house prices over time.

Manchester – The Place To Invest

Manchester has experienced a heady rise in recent years, and the Northern Powerhouse city has become a major and vital part of the UK’s economy. Seen as the country’s ‘Second City’, Manchester has grown in conjunction with neighbouring Liverpool to draw focus, money and investment away from the slowing markets of London. Many are moving away from the capital city and heading towards Manchester, including both businesses and individuals who are looking to benefit from lower property prices, as well as more lucrative opportunities in this northern city.

Manchester was named the most liveable city in the UK by The Economist’s Global Liveability Index For 2018, beating major cities such as London, Washington DC and Reykjavik. It is no accident that Manchester is considered so prestigious; it is a distinction it has earned with hard graft. Manchester has seen its population swell, the workforce more concentrated and efficient, and has enjoyed the benefits of a myriad of extensive regeneration projects taking effect.

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