How is my money protected?

If you are buying a completed and tenanted property then your money is held with the solicitors until you exchange contracts and take ownership of the property.

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What are student pods?

A student pod is a property contained in a managed student residence, usually either in the form of en-suite rooms or studio apartments.

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Can I resell a student pod?

Re-selling your student pod is a simple process with two main options. The first is reselling the property through the company you bought it from.

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What Is a Buy to Let Mortgage?

A buy to let mortgage is very similar to a regular, residential mortgage – money is loaned by a provider to help cover the initial purchase cost of a property, and the loan is repaid every month by the property owner over a set time period.

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What Is A Rental Yield?

Rental yields are an integral part of purchasing buy to let property. It’s important to strike the right balance between initial property prices and the estimated rental returns for future years.

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What Is Buy To Let Tax?

With buy to let property investment considered a kind of business deal, there are a few different types of tax that are associated with it. All taxes can be declared to HMRC in your self-assessment tax return.

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What Are The Best Investments?

The best buy to let areas in the UK at the moment are northern cities like Liverpool and Manchester. Property prices are relatively low in comparison to rival regions down south, allowing buy to let investors to reap the benefits of maximum capital appreciation in the long run.

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How To Invest Money

Do some research into both the student and residential market. Once you have decided which sector to go for, look for the best locations that generate the highest rental yields. Invest in property that is in an area booming with regeneration.

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