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Investing in Student Property

The purpose-built student accommodation sector is one of the UK’s most popular and lucrative options for property investment. With a value of around £46 billion contributing towards the UK economy, investors from around the globe are taking notice of the potential that student property investment can bring.

For investors that are considering making a student property investment of their own, here are three benefits of buying purpose-built student accommodation in the UK.

With an expanding student population in the UK, student accommodation is an asset that is sure to bring investors some attractive returns on a regular basis.

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Student Property Investment

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Student Property Investment comes with plenty of Demand

The UK is filled with lots of huge and renowned universities in cities across the country. This has led to a constant demand for student accommodation, especially within key student cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. 

According to the HESA Student Record, around 2.3 million students were recorded within the UK in 2017 and 2018, many of which were from overseas countries. By investing in a high-quality student apartment which is well-located and equipped with attractive features like high-speed WiFi and on-site security, you can benefit from an even higher stream of tenant demand year after year.

Student Accommodation Investment Student Accommodation Investment

Student Properties are typically Affordable to buy

Unlike residential properties which may more typically be a one or two-bedroom apartment, student accommodation is usually refined to a studio apartment. This makes student properties a great option for investors looking for a more affordable opportunity.

If you buy a student property in a more affordable location such as Liverpool, you have an even better chance of securing a lower-priced investment. Examples include the Liverpool City Point development which comes priced from just £59,995, making this investment the perfect way to launch your buy to let career and build a profitable investment portfolio.

Liverpool Rental Yields Liverpool Rental Yields

Student Property Investment comes with High Yields

High yields are always top of the list for those seeking a reliable and successful property venture. Because student properties tend to be priced so low but come with such high demand, these type of investments are known to generate some fantastic rental yields.

With the more luxurious type of student properties which have been in high-demand over recent years, rental costs become more expensive which leads to even more impressive yields. Two of our most recent student properties, Poets Place and City Point, come complete with net rental yields of 8%. Yields like these are a lot higher than you’d recieve with a lot of top-performing residential properties, ensuring a steady rental income for many years to come.



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