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UK House Prices Guide

To be a successful property investor, research is vital. From rental yields, population, and house prices, it’s important to get a comprehensive picture of an area you are looking to invest in. That way, you can make the safest investment possible for the future.

One way to learn about the best areas for investment is to look at house prices and how they have changed over the years.

It would be pointless to buy an affordable house in an area of low price growth. Exiting a property investment and selling the property down the line is just as important as buying it. So, you want to invest in a house that is likely to increase in value in the future and be sure you’re making a handsome profit.

Luckily, our comprehensive UK house prices guide is here for you. Using both present and historical data, we have compiled a list of the best places to invest. We explore how UK prices fluctuated in 2020 to understand better how they will increase in 2021 and beyond.

By evaluating areas like the North West, which currently has the highest predicted price growth, we can find the best place to take our money and guarantee a substantial investment. If you are interested in learning more about this guide, keep reading.

Average house prices surpassed a record-high and increased at their fastest rate since 2004. The growth was so substantial, in fact, that industry veterans Savills were forced to update their property price predictions for the future.

Daniel Williams, RWinvest

UK House Prices in 2020

Last year was incredibly turbulent. With two national lockdowns, many aspects of the UK economy were decimated. However, property has remained remarkably strong despite the industry temporarily closing during the first lockdown.

Our guide explores how prices fluctuated throughout the 12 months and highlights the current house prices in places like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berkshire.

Average house prices surpassed a record-breaking £250,000 in late 2020. While this is excellent news for those who already own a property, it has made finding an affordable entry point increasingly more difficult.

Thankfully, there are plenty of locations that offer affordable house prices while simultaneously offering the best growth. Liverpool, for instance, boasts excellent average prices. With these prices set to jump by 27.3% by 2024, Liverpool property investment is one of the top investments to make in 2021.

On the flip side, London struggled in 2020. Rent prices have dropped by concerning levels while house prices have surpassed the £900,000 mark. Yields have started to dwindle because of this, resulting in 13% of those leaving London to move up North.

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Another crucial part of our guide is our handy FAQ section. Here we answer all of the common questions we come across about house prices.

Answering questions such as “why have North West house prices outperformed London in the last five years?” and “how important are house price growth predictions for investors?” Our guide will answer all these questions and more to ensure you are completely clued up on all things property.

If you feel inspired by the healthy house price predictions for the future and are looking to invest, why not contact us today? Our expert sales team will outline all of the latest opportunities available so you can buy property at the best price available. Phone, email, or message us today.

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