How To Invest Money

How to Start Investing – UK

Do some research into both the student and residential market. Once you have decided which sector to go for, look for the best locations that generate the highest rental yields. Invest in property that is in an area booming with regeneration. For student developments, consider how many universities are in the area and how many undergraduates are attending. For residential property, an increase in population is a good indicator for strong tenant demand, with nearby business hubs proving appealing for young professionals.

Best Investments, 2018 – UK

In terms of investment ideas, UK property has so much to offer. Northern cities are leading the way for the best buy to let opportunities of the minute, with affordable prices yielding high returns. Manchester has a massive student population and an undersupply of adequate student accommodation, making it a safe bet for student investment. Whereas, Liverpool is an excellent choice for residential property as the population is increasing rapidly with many young workers seeking luxury living spaces close to the city centre.

Should I Invest in Property?

Investing in property is arguably the best way to invest money. For years, it’s been valued as a secure and tangible market that delivers diversification from shares and bonds. With the right advice, it’s easy to get involved with property and there’s no better place to do it than the UK. Turn your attention to northern locations when it comes to finding the best investments in 2018.

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