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One Baltic Square

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One Park Lane, Liverpool

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Five State-of-the Art Blocks

Luxury Spa

Premium Gym

Rooftop Terrace

S O L D   O U T

S O L D   O U T

S O L D   O U T

S O L D   O U T

Parliament Square

One Baltic Square

Shaw Street

Prices from £145,950

Prices from £179,950

Prices from £249,950

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1 - Unrivalled House Price GrowthLiverpool investment property currently has the highest house price growth in the UK, with prices soaring by nearly 18% in the last 12 months, according to the Land Registry.

2 - Massive Young Population - The lifeblood of any investment, Liverpool property investment offers a huge population of available renters, with 75% of Liverpool city centre aged 17 to 29.

3 - A Sensational Regeneration Hotspot - With over £14 billion of regeneration projects dotted across the city, Liverpool has been transformed as the perfect place to live, work, and play.

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

U N I T   C 4 0 5 £ 1 4 9 , 9 5 0

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Why invest in Liverpool

L U X U R Y   L I V E R P O O L I N V E S T M E N T   2 0 2 2

One Baltic Square

Heaps Mill, Liverpool

P R I C E S   F R O M   £ 1 2 4 , 9 5 0

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I N V E S T   I N   L I V E R P O O L   T O D A Y

Liverpool Property Investment

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Whether you are focused on rental returns or capital growth returns, Liverpool really is the perfect investment city.

Property prices in Liverpool are expected to grow by an average of 18.1% by 2026, according to predictions by Savills for the North West region.

With interest in Liverpool continuing to grow year on year, investing at a time when property prices are still low is a smart move for those looking to benefit from the best returns.

Enquire today if you are ready to invest in Liverpool property and would like to find out more about One Baltic Square, or to hear about our other exclusive Liverpool investment opportunities.

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Liverpool's Coolest Neighbourhood

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Available Units

Take a look below to see the best units currently available in the stunning One Baltic Square.


Units Left

Manhattan Studio

Invest From £29,950

7% Assured NET Returns

Great For Any Portfolio

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Units Left

1 Bedroom Apartment

Prices From £143,950

£190m Baltic Triangle Regeneration

Hands-Off Investment

Top Pick


Units Left

2 Bedroom Apartment

Prices From £198,950

Luxury Facilities

Final Units Available

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A Thriving UK Economy - Liverpool boasts the second-largest regional economy in the UK, worth over £149 billion and growing by 15% every year.

High Investment Returns -
Property prices have soared by almost 18% in the last 12-months, while rental yields are some of the highest in the country. Liverpool can benefit from some amazing returns through both rental income and capital growth.

Demand From Young Renters -  
Since Liverpool has such a large population of young people who are living, working and studying in the city, levels of rental demand are consistently high.

Why Choose Liverpool Investment?

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Why Choose Liverpool Investment?


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