RW Invest has worked with over 25000 investors, helping them to invest in property in the UK and abroad.

Currently RW Invest has offices in London Manchester and Liverpool. The economy of these cities is expanding at an exponential rate. London is growing faster than New York and Paris and is even set to become the fourth largest city economy in the world by 2020. Many regeneration projects are happening in these cities, which means that there will be many business opportunities available bringing more people to these cities.

Tourism is a fundamental aspect that contributes towards the economies of these cities. Investing in them is a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the largest student populations in UK. This is an attractive feature for overseas investors and for overseas students wanting to be a part of the rich historical culture that is present in Liverpool, Manchester and London.

Property prices have risen, along with rental prices and employment figures; all of which are constantly improving. Rental returns are high and capital growth is forecast. Outstanding investment opportunities are available including luxury apartments, modern residential homes and student accommodation. Transport is being heavily invested in and many new amenities are planned close to, or incorporated directly into new developments.

Keeping your money in the bank isn’t what it used to be, with few people making any interest on their cash in today’s market. Interest rates are the lowest they have been since World War 2 and with the current rate of inflation those funds are actually losing value on a daily basis. There are many investment opportunities in the current market today, but rarely do any of these products provide a safe investment like property does. 2017 is a particularly good year to invest in property with many opportunities available for investors and RW Invest are bringing a number of new buy to let and student accommodation investment opportunities to the market.

Invest In Property

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Property

  1. Net Yield

We are currently offing net rental returns of up to 8% when you invest in property and assured rental income of a minimum of £5,039 per year. Currently these returns are outperforming the current interest rates from banks by a large margin.

  1. Capital Growth

With prices from £62,995 we can offer existing property and off plan investments below their market value. Many of our properties are at discounted rates immediately giving the investor an advantage. We work closely with developers within regeneration zones in areas where strong capital growth is expected.

  1. Leveraged investment or HMO

Investing in multiple properties and building a property portfolio can multiply your returns. One way to maximise returns is to convert a building into a HMO, or “House with Multiple Occupancy”, that way you can get more units for the same price.

  1. A great addition to a pension plan

Pensions are a great way to secure your future into retirement. If you set yourself up with the right type of property portfolio you can arrange for the properties to be fully managed. This means your hands-off investment could see you through your retirement. You can always of course sell your properties as you near retirement creating cash lump sums.

  1. A great time to invest in property

With key regeneration property amounting to billions of pounds, RW Invest is perfectly situated and well connected at the heart of the London and the key growth cities of the Northern Powerhouse. We have access to exclusive developments and can guide you to the best and most knowledgeable solicitors, supporting you through every step of the process.

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