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The Knowledge Quarter is a unique part of the city that has benefited from a total investment of £1 billion and proposals for both residential and student properties have been planned to take advantage of the range of facilities.

Liverpool’s three specialist universities and Royal University Hospital form the roots of this expansion of education and health sectors. A creative core for research and science technologies, dedicated buildings have received millions in investment and are leading the way in knowledge and enterprise. The researched based and £68 million Materials Innovation Factory has the largest chemistry department in the UK, Sensor City specialises in sensor technology and Accelerator is a new home for life science businesses costing £25 million. There is also a Liverpool Bio Innovation Hub which unites tissue collections and biobanks in a collaborative bio-sciences building whilst Liverpool Science Park boasts 120,000 square foot of office and laboratory space.

Liverpool Royal Hospital In Liverpool Knowledge Quarter

The Knowledge Quarter Gateway is a specific area within the district which will see leisure facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, and galleries locate alongside university and office spaces. It plans to be a vibrant zone mirroring the likes of Kings Cross in London.

Fabric District

The Fabric District is a distinctive zone within the Knowledge Quarter that has been coined to link back to the textile industry that was once located here. The previously overlooked area of Islington is being converted from ‘rags to riches’ as a vibrant new destination for eating, drinking, working and living. A strong vision document has been released imagining the bottom-up regeneration scheme that will revive a previously renowned part of Liverpool city centre. The scheme will focus on helping local businesses whilst putting it on the map as a destination for both residential and student property investment.

Fabric District In Liverpool Knowledge Quarter

Paddington Village

Paddington Village plans to be a vibrant community destination for both student and residential property with an International College, cancer treatment centre, power plant and hotel. There will also be a world-class building by the Royal College of Physicians called ‘The Spine’ with a staircase resembling the human vertebrae. Improved rail links and even shuttle buses will enhance the accessibility of this exciting new village.

Not simply a great place to live, but an even better place to work, this is the promise of Paddington Village. With 1.8 million square feet of science, technology, education and health space earmarked for the eastern gateway of the city, Paddington Village will become the heart of the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool. The village will be developed in three phases: Paddington Central, Paddington South and Paddington North. Phase 1 is currently underway. The Royal College of Physicians has chosen Paddington Village for its northern base, while a partnership between the University of Liverpool and global business training provider Kaplan will culminate in 45,000 square feet of learning and residential space. Much more is set to follow.

The Spine Building Liverpool Knowledge Quarter
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