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Liverpool Named Most Affordable Buy-to-Let Hotspot

By Julian Ramsden, Director | 15 March 2016

On 11 March, consumer organisation Which? released new research on housing affordability.

Their goal was to identify where you can find houses priced below the national average of £200,000, in areas that are seeing big price growth.

Interestingly, Liverpool’s L1 area came top of the league table.

It saw a 41% increase in average property price in the last year, compared to the previous 3 years. In L1, the average property price from December 2014 to November 2015 was £120,000, up from £85,000 in the period December 2011 to November 2014.

In other words: Liverpool offers investors the opportunity to achieve faster returns, and at a lower entry point than many popular, established areas (particularly in the South).

Liverpool is showing all the signs of being a thriving, up-and-coming area

First of all, there are ambitious development plans in progress, which will help address a shortage of housing stock.

Secondly, the city is in the midst of major regeneration projects.

A flagship scheme is the £150 million Project Jennifer, which will be a mix-use development with retail, residential, community facilities and transport links. It will also be the new, revitalised home of Liverpool’s famous Great Homer Street Market, better known as ‘Greatie’.

The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s trendy creative hub, is also a focal point for regeneration, including a major scheme for 200 homes, office and commercial space approved at the end of last year.

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