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Liverpool’s iconic landscape has transformed dramatically from past to present, with new additions to the skyline cropping up every year. The £960 million shopping centre development of Liverpool ONE in 2008 proved to be a catalyst for future change.

Leading the way for retail innovation, previously dull and lifeless streets have been converted into the now multi-use destination. Now, Paradise Street and South John Street are home to hundreds of niche retail shops from department stores to designer brands which span a total area of 148,000 square metres.

Liverpool One

A selection of bars and roof terraces help to wash down the various cuisines on the restaurant scene. From fine-dining sophistication to casual and on-the-go grub, Liverpool ONE has it all. Each summertime sees locals congregate around the grass of Chavasse Park which sits adjacent to a line of restaurants. Its signature steps were designed with a roman amphitheatre in mind and cost £3 million alone to build. By Christmas, this area transforms into a winter wonderland with an ice rink and market stalls attracting visitors from across the North.

The 42-acre masterplan also made room for a multi-screen cinema, contemporary gyms and fun activities such as adventure golf at the core of this versatile city complex. It’s also a hotspot for hotels, and the Hilton’s decision to locate within Liverpool ONE’s peripheries is symbolic of the area’s prestige and style.

Liverpool ONE Infographic

The introduction of the development has been great news for businesses and Liverpool ONE is deemed a leading European retail destination which provides countless employment opportunities for Liverpool residents. Large companies such as the BBC have radio studios within the complex where smaller, independent shops are also thriving.

Liverpool ONE is also a big hit with residential properties and there are 600 apartments welcoming lucky city residents into the urban metropolis. Property investment is more popular than ever in the L1 post code which now ranks at number seven in the UK for buy to let rental yields.

Transport links were also improved with the integration of a large bus station that carries thousands of locals in and out of the city every week. The development is conveniently located close to Liverpool’s major train stations including Liverpool Central and Moorfields for local residents travelling by rail. A huge multi-storey car park has also been installed as part of the development providing 1,900 car parking spaces for local tenants and those travelling to visit Liverpool for a day of retail therapy.

Liverpool ONE

The launch of Liverpool ONE created 5,000 permanent jobs in the city and is responsible for the increases in economic growth visible in trends since its release. It has not only improved the physical appearance of the area but has changed the way people think about the city in its entirety. Liverpool is now regarded a major city in the North West of England, Europe and the world with awards such as the 2009 RIBA award and the RTP1 NW regional award for best urban regeneration in 2003 helping to put it on the map.

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