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According to recent reports, Liverpool city centre’s population has experienced an immense rise in the past decade. When crunching down on numbers in Liverpool population, 2017’s figure of 29,060 was double that of the previous 15,271 people living in Liverpool’s central zones in 2006.

Demographic breakdowns highlight the heavy influx of young people as a key driver for growth, with 75% of Liverpool city centre residents aged between 17 and 29. A monumental 21,551 individuals were recorded in this age range mid last year, with many of them assumed young professionals taking advantage of Liverpool’s eclectic employment opportunities.

Liverpool City Centre

With regards to its fellow northern city just down the road, Manchester’s population over 2017 to 2018 has also experienced highs like never before. Big on residential and student population, Manchester’s similar rises emphasise the popularity of Northern Powerhouse locations for both studying and working.

High concentrations of younger generations are thought to be down to the economic success of Liverpool’s three universities which all feature in the top 60 of official University League Tables. These award-winning institutions are attracting a big student population; UK undergraduates and postgraduates are attracted to the likes of Liverpool’s innovative research and development programmes plus state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Aside from the current student population, Liverpool graduates are being encouraged to remain in the city after completion of their degree, selecting the best Liverpool properties for residence. Additionally, a growing immigrant community has been acknowledged. UK families and more from overseas are choosing to live in central apartment developments, positively multiplying the support for local schools and services in the area.

Both of these groups are helping to bump up population statistics and their growth is most likely attributed to Liverpool’s unique sense of city life, in combination with its colossal regeneration and vibrant culture. It’s no coincidence that the population of Liverpool has surged in line with acts of renaissance such as the Baltic Triangle, RopeWalks and Liverpool Waters.

Liverpool Population View Of The Liverpool Skyline

A clear vision and focus has been laid out by Liverpool Councillors who stress the importance of a city that caters to all ages. Plans aim to incorporate various quarters that appeal to diverse demographics, with a positive feel and quality of life at the core of all strategies for development.

So, what about economic growth? More Liverpool citizens means more Liverpool growth. The city is already experiencing a year-on-year increase of £1.6 billion in growth, and this is predicted to continue into the future. A 15-year plan for Liverpool growth includes 35,000 new homes and 370 acres of land which will provide new jobs to combat the sky-rocketing population.

 For those wondering, ‘how big is Liverpool for property investment?’, the magnitude and specific profile of its tenant demand alone illuminates its superiority. Liverpool population 2018 stands at 880,000 which will grow to 970,000 by 2030 for the entire city region. Fantastic growth rates of 0.87% will see the arrival of 41,000 more people who will more than likely qualify for rented property.

The fact that the supply of available housing in Liverpool is lower than its augmenting population is great news for property investment opportunities in the city. Rental yields are reaching outstanding potential due to the lack of stock on the market, with Liverpool dominating buy to let postcode charts.

NET returns as high as 12% can be achieved in the most lucrative areas, whilst property values are also on the up. As Liverpool’s population continues to boom in a reflection of its popularity and success, investors can look forward to maximum capital appreciation on its properties as house prices inflate over impending years.

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