Peel Land and Property Limited has agreed a deal with the Isle of Man government to build a new ferry terminal at Liverpool’s Princess Half Tide Dock that will service the two locations. The new terminal will make the Liverpool to Isle of Man journey a quicker, more pleasant and more organised experienced for travellers and businesses.

Due to be completed in 2021 and at a cost of £30 million, the new terminal will be the next exciting stage in the revamp and regeneration of Liverpool’s waterfront. Although the plans for the long-term leasehold are awaiting final approval from Tynwald, the Isle of Man’s governing legislature, and the planning application is to be submitted to Liverpool City Council, they are expected to be rubber stamped in the coming months. Tynwald purchased the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for £128 million in May 2018. As a result, the Isle of Man government now retains complete control of its sea links to the UK mainland.

Liverpool To Isle Of Man Ferry

The new ferry to Isle of Man terminal will be built 800 metres downriver from the current Pier Head terminal. The existing facility will be retired once the new ferry to Isle of Man terminal has been completed. The establishment of a new Liverpool to Isle of Man ferry terminal that offers stronger links will bring great benefits to both areas.

To the Isle of Man, Liverpool represents a strategically vital asset to ensure the island’s economic and social growth and wellbeing. As well as being able to transport greater numbers of people between the two locations, presenting any number of economic opportunities, the new terminal and its Liverpool to Isle of Man ferry service will be used to host a range of business and entertainment events.

The Isle of Man has made big strides in trying to drum up interest in its activities, hoping to ride the wave that has formed across the Liverpool and Wirral region because of its regeneration projects. Since early 2018, the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce has been engaging in monthly meetings with their Wirral counterparts to discover and discuss economic and business opportunities the two may have in common. In the wake of Wirral Waters, the area will be open for business, and the Isle of Man evidently does not want to miss out.

The plans and schemes are indicative of the brave new world such developments and projects promise. Liverpool and Wirral are dedicated to forging as many economic links as possible to ensure such grand investments and regeneration fulfils the potential it offers. Fortifying existing and well travelled routes such as the ferry to Isle of Man journey are just the beginning.

Liverpool To Isle Of Man New Ferry Terminal

The announcement of the new Liverpool to Isle of Man ferry terminal follows hot on the heels of more positive news regarding the area’s regeneration.

Liverpool’s planned new cruise terminal has secured a grant of £20 million to continue onto the next phase of its £50 million development. The new cruise terminal will allow the world’s biggest cruise ships to dock in Liverpool, with the creation of 500 new jobs a blessing for the city’s economy. Further to that, Liverpool City Council is in the planning stages of a new 200-room hotel containing an 1,800-space car park.

The new structure will not only provide transport for passengers to and from the Isle of Man, as plans include the construction of a linkspan that can bear up to 120 tonnes of weight. Consequently, the terminal will also provide an outlet for freight and other forms of shipping throughout winter weekends and emergencies. Further improvements to passenger access and transit are expected, with room for bus, coach and light commercial traffic being made on the new development.

The new terminal will blend in with the ambitious and intensive regeneration project that is Liverpool Waters. The £5.6 billion enterprise will reshape Liverpool beyond anything the city could have dreamed of even only three decades ago. The new Liverpool to Isle of Man ferry terminal will further boost the growth, economic thoroughfare and competitive viability of Liverpool and its revamped dockland areas.

Other key components of the Liverpool Waters master plan, such as Everton Football Club’s proposed new stadium on Bramley-Moore Dock, stand to benefit from increased traffic and the economic boost garnered from quicker and easier access to and from the ferry to Isle of Man.

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