In new rules laid out by the city council, Liverpool landlords have been instructed to relent the letting out of homes to students without explicit permission. This incentive is leading the way in the city council cabinet’s recent plans to reduce the amount of shared housing across Liverpool, with an emphasis on the Wavertree area.

A total of 700 homes in the popular student ‘Dales’ area in L15 are classed as multiple occupation houses, which refer to properties lived in by unrelated individuals. In the past, the council simply didn’t have the authority to refuse students from shared home living arrangements, but things are changing.

Liverpool Student Accommodation Old Terraced Street

The removal of permitted development rights means that landlords wishing to alter the use of a property will now need to apply for official planning permission. For example, if wanting to turn a family home into student accommodation, Parliament now have the right to decline the proposal.

Many responded to a consultation on the topic, including residents who share streets with students, and 96% of people agreed with the alterations being made to legislation

Shared facilities are kept to a minimum, but where utilised they enhance the student experience with cinemas, games rooms, cafés and gardens all under one roof.

With students requiring more from their uni living experience, small and low-quality flats are being disregarded in favour of more premier student property. But why does this matter? Surging student numbers have resulted in a high demand for superior rooms within inclusive developments, which there are very few of. Although the market is desperately calling for more projects of this type, the student property for sale is simply not keeping up with demand. Only a total average of 26% UK students have access to purpose-built accommodation. This shortage in suitable accommodation is waging war with increased university attendance and has resulted in elevated levels of demand throughout the UK.

Liverpool Student Accommodation

It’s great news for locals who believe that both landlords and students lack responsibility when it comes to student properties. Some students have been known to litter and dump waste on street corners, leading to nasty infestations such as rats which make their way across entire neighbourhoods.

Other complaints made to Liverpool city council involved the issue of too many student cars parked on streets as well as anti-social behaviour. Students ‘just wanna have fun’ and going out drinking is simply part of the experience. However, drunken chaos is understandably causing tension among couples and families living on the same streets.

In some cases, Liverpool’s long-term residents have noticed landlords buying three-bedroom houses and renting them out to up to seven students at a time. This ridiculous use of space is amplified further with short-term party lets having also been witnessed to cause bedlam in the area.

Liverpool Student Accommodation Switch

The council don’t necessarily want students to stop being students; the new guidelines will urge them to simply be students somewhere else. With landlords finding it more difficult to manipulate the use of houses on shared streets, rowdy youngsters will turn to purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) for a place to stay.

Offering superior living in comparison to terraced street housing, students can have sleek studio apartments with double beds, living areas, kitchens, en suites and study desks all fused into one spacious layout. Interior designs are bright and stylish, with communal areas offering outstanding facilities such as cinemas, gyms and gardens all within the confines of one student development.

This student haven makes tiny, dark rooms with filthy shared bathrooms and kitchens look completely inferior. The developments built with students in mind also have the advantage of being fully-managed by experienced companies that look after tenants and the general upkeep of the building. Problems like litter will be a thing of the past as onsite staff will maintain the external grounds, whilst private parking keeps student vehicles off the nearby roads.

Another plus point is that purpose-built student sites tend to be located closer to the city centre than the cheap terraced style houses on its outskirts. This puts students far away from the quieter communities located in the inner city and aptly transfers eager undergraduates to busier and livelier urban zones.

Plans for more student-only developments of this type will be integrated into Liverpool city plans. Although certainly seeing an increase in the supply of these kind of private student halls, there still aren’t enough to compete with the high demand. In order to make a dent on shifting students away from shared homes and into sophisticated student developments, the new regulations in conjunction with increased availability of PBSA means that areas can finally be restored to family-friendly environments instead of resembling student campuses.

Investors can take advantage of the move that is currently in motion by securing units in superior student developments now. Students will soon flood to the higher-quality living experiences on offer as the accessibility of shared housing decreases in line with the removal of permitted development rights.

By Laura Howard | 25th April 2018

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