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Exciting prospects for a £5.6 billion mega-plan areexpected to reshape Liverpool’s waterfront just minutes away from the famous Liverpool ONE shopping centre.

The masterplan which has been coined Liverpool Waters represents a city centre and waterfront redevelopment on a scale not witnessed since the formation of the original docks over 200 years ago. This landmark mixed-use scheme will be a versatile destination on the left edge of the River Mersey hosting superior living accommodation, office spaces and substantial leisure facilities.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration Plan

Liverpool Waters is part of a 30-year regeneration initiative for the city, and a fragment of the Atlantic Gateway project that promises to transform the city’s iconic waterfront. The vision will be implemented over the next 50 years across the North West of England with a prominence on retail, leisure, residential and commercial developments, ports, logistics, renewable energies and media infrastructure. Liverpool Waters is playing a vital role in the Northern ocean gateway vision with all of these areas of interest integrated into the comprehensive plans for an all-round and cohesive investment.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration Plan Infographic

Buy to let property investors can set their sights on new residential dwellings with some towering up to 44-storeys high. With five residential districts offering 9,000 luxury apartments, tenants will look out over extraordinary views of the River Mersey and city centre. There will also be a 315,000-square metre hub for commercial offices and businesses where professionals can enjoy a unique place to work in brand-new office environments. Up to 20,000 jobs will be created within the skyscrapers, including an 8-storey maritime inspired office hub made up of 80,000 square feet of commercial space alone. Leisure facilities will also draw many to this spectacular zone with a diverse collection of restaurants and bars that provide a stylish and refined waterfront indulgence.

A new football stadium and 3,000 car parking spaces will also be included in the five phases which will be worked on over the full length of the construction period. Liverpool Waters will work alongside other dockland areas to upgrade the waterfront without compromising history and heritage. Following in the footsteps of docks such as the Albert Dock which has welcomed the Echo Arena and several tasteful bars, restaurants, art galleries and museums, the masterplan aims to build and develop around key heritage sites, factoring both maritime and mercantile traditions into the regeneration. Docks receiving most of the regeneration include Princes, Central, Clarence, Bramley Moore and King Edwards Rise.

Liverpool Waters Regeneration Plan

The skyline will look entirely different with the introduction of elegant towers and skyscrapers that will stand out on the city landscape. Experienced developers the Peel Group are working on the project who are responsible for the success of previous regeneration schemes like MediaCityUK in Manchester. Liverpool Waters will be a monumental addition to their already impressive portfolio valued at £2.3 billion. Works to 1.2 million square metres of property plus 15,000 hectares of land and water solidify theirstatus as one of leading developers of property in the UK and the world.

One of the largest port-city development schemes in Europe, Liverpool Waters will provide a massive boost to the city’s economy by attracting tourism and generating a new era of investment opportunities.

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