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London Property Investment Infographic
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Investing in London Property

A cultural hub filled with renowned tourist attractions and endless business opportunities, it’s easy to see why potential investors would jump at the chance to invest in London property. Whilst London remains one of the world’s most dynamic cities, however, recent figures suggest that property investment in London isn’t the most lucrative route to take. With high property prices, decreasing rental price growth and disappointing rental yields, those investing in buy to let property in London will get less return on investment than they would if they looked elsewhere in the UK. In fact, records show that more people are choosing to leave London and take advantage of the housing market, universities, and business opportunities up North. Our London investment guide and buy to let news articles will help give you a better insight into the London property market as a whole, with details on how investing in property in Northern cities like Manchester and Liverpool is becoming a more popular and secure option. From information on the state of the London property market now, to how it is expected to change in the future, get well informed on the state of the property market in the English capital and why looking up North may be your most lucrative option for UK buy to let investment.

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