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This luxury property project reaches new heights with its sophisticated roof garden boasting panoramic views all the way over to Liverpool’s urban skyline. High-spec interior features fill the modern refurbished building and car parking is also available.

Just five minutes from Crosby Marina and Crosby beach, Liverpool’s Sky Gardens provides tenants with a unique opportunity to live near a major UK city while enjoying the benefits of a suburban lifestyle. South Road is complete with shops, bars and restaurants within a short walking distance. 

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Luxurious City Retreat

With over 15 years of experience, RW Invest is a market leader in UK property investment.

With offices in London, Liverpool and Manchester, we specialise in buy to let residential and student property investments; providing our clients with exclusive access to the most exciting and profitable developments available.

By building relationships and collaborating with both our partners and competitors, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible property prices for our clients. By achieving below market rates we create the most potential for capital gains for our clients.

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