paddington village liverpoolThe Knowledge Quarter’s 30-acre Paddington Village Liverpool is an up and coming district not too far from Liverpool’s city centre. Already home to several revolutionary buildings in education, health, science and technology, Knowledge Quarter developers have recently released ambitious proposals for a billion-pound project in the L7 area of Paddington.

The site, just behind the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, will hopefully see Liverpool International College open for business in 2019. The 13-storey building will incorporate classrooms and a ‘knowledge hub’ while also containing enough on-site accommodation for 259 students. Run by the University of Liverpool, overseas students will flock to this educational hotspot that used to be the location of former Archbishop Blanch School.

A £35 million Cancer Treatment Centre is also being constructed in Paddington Village. Housing state-of-the-art medical equipment of the finest quality, the centre will provide the latest cutting-edge treatments such as proton beam therapy. A specialised hospital local to Liverpool will provide hundreds of patients a year with a much closer alternative to Clatterbridge’s cancer clinic on the Wirral.

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is another key player taking advantage of the newly coined Paddington Village area. They have announced the launch of their headquarters in an innovative building aptly named ‘The Spine’ which will see 23 million polygons on its exterior resemble skin cells and inside stairs resembling the human vertebrae. The Spine is set to bring Paddington Village alive. Rivalling construction masterpieces such as The Shard in London, this latest project by the RCP is certain to set the bar for future architectural landmarks.

The Knowledge Quarter’s Paddington zone, described as mimicking the vibe of New York’s Greenwich Village, will have a hotel that provides substitute accommodation to lodgings right in the city centre. With 250 beds, guests can make the most out of the local amenities including the famous Everyman Theatre and Philharmonic Hall.


The Brains Behind The Knowledge Quarter

The hotspot area will introduce a heat and power plant which will generate enough electricity and heating to supply the entire village, and a nearby multi-storey car park will also be installed in order to meet parking demands of the forthcoming developments in the area.

Planners are urging that shops and restaurants are fitted on the ground floor of most buildings to add some fun to the Paddington community. Furthermore, transport links will be improved with ideas for direct trains in operation between Liverpool Lime Street and a new Paddington Village station. This is also in conjunction with trams and shuttle buses that are planned to run up and down Brownlow Hill, connecting the city centre with Paddington Village and Edge Hill.

All of the developments on this designated site will benefit from a 10GB internet connection that will be implemented in the nearby Fabric District. Free public Wi-Fi will span the whole of the former textile industry’s area with coverage reaching outer quarters like Paddington Village. Everyone working, living and socialising in the area will have access to high-speed internet which aims to be the fastest connection in the city. Developments such as One Islington Plaza will benefit from this much-improved internet connection.

It’s clear that the village’s carefully thought-out structure and high cash investment will attract many residents from overseas, across the UK and within Liverpool itself. Its close proximity to the city’s universities, plus the new college will appeal to hundreds of students looking for accommodation in a freshly designed area. Staff will be required at The Spine, hotel, cancer centre and power plant, generating plenty of opportunities for residential properties to be built in adjacent parts of the village.

Written by Laura Howard 5th April 2018

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