Manchester investment has been paying off – the city was recently named as the best UK city to live in on a global index. The Economist’s Global Liveability Index for 2018 was cause for much celebration in Manchester. It was ranked 35th on the list, beating cities like London, Washington DC and Reykjavik. Manchester is one of the best UK cities in a whole range of ways. The yearly report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks 140 cities in the world on their liveability. Factors in the city ranking include healthcare, culture and environment, education, infrastructure and stability.

Worldwide City Ranking

Tied with Hong Kong in 35th place, these results show Manchester really is a world-class city. This was a significant 13 places ahead of London. Currently the widest gap between the two cities since the survey began. Topping the tables, Manchester looks like the best city to live in in the UK.

Manchester’s Impressive Performance

Manchester managed to score well in all of the factors assessed, with an overall score of 91.3. Its lowest score was infrastructure for which it got 85.7. However, new plans by the council and the city mayor are already starting to address this. Double trams, new cycle lanes and walking routes feature in plans to cut congestion and improve Manchester’s infrastructure. It also scored 91.7 for both education and health care, and an improved 90.0 for stability.  It gained an impressive score of 96.5 for culture and environment in the city ranking. The city’s international reputation for music, sport and business have been a remarkable legacy as Manchester investment continues. The city ranking cements Manchester as one of the most culturally exciting and diverse cities in the world.

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Becoming a Safer City

The editor of the survey, Roxana Slavcheva said “An improved security score has meant that Manchester has pulled further ahead in the liveability index, leading London by a record 13 places.

“What is more, Manchester also represents a regional trend over the past year, where there have been notable improvements in security in several western European cities which have shown resilience in their recovery from terrorist attacks.

“It remains to be seen whether the impact of Brexit will have consequences for the two UK cities in the ranking.”

Manchester saw the highest jump out of anywhere in Europe, climbing an impressive 16 places. This is far more than any other of the best UK cities. Europe, on the whole, did well in the rankings with Vienna replacing Australia’s city of Melbourne as number one. Paris also rose in the rankings, which may have been due to both cities remarkable resilience after high-profile terror attacks.  Safety does seem to be a factor in the rankings. Vienna, which took top place, is known as one of the safest cities in Europe.

Manchester’s Regeneration and Investment

As well as incredible resilience and security improvements, there have been many factors showing that Manchester is the most liveable city in the UK. Years of regeneration and investment in Manchester are starting to pay off, totally transforming the Northern City. Manchester’s vibrant and diverse culture has been fundamental in shaping the city for the future. Along with many of the other best UK cities, Manchester is part of the Northern Powerhouse. The Northern Powerhouse strategy has also been crucial in Manchester’s renaissance. There have been a number of new skyscrapers changing the skyline. Manchester’s impressive regeneration projects have also been influential in the city ranking process. Manchester investment has lead to an increasingly modern and outward-looking city, perfect for buy to let investors.

Beetham Tower Manchester

Another Manchester Accolade

The high city ranking is another impressive trophy on Manchester’s mantelpiece. The UK city has been increasingly performing on a global stage and gaining recognition from a wide range of sources. Manchester was recently ranked 6th out of 131  for its connectivity in the fDi Global Cities of the Future 2016/17 report. Manchester has also received a selection of awards in business. The UK city has repeatedly been voted as Europe’s top city for business competitiveness in the KPMG Competitive Alternatives ranking, in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. It has beaten several of the best UK cities in many awards. The Colliers International Cities of Influence TLC Index 2017 ranked Manchester as the third most influential city in Europe. Manchester was also 8th on the 2016 Lonely Planet Best in Travel guide, the highest UK city, showing its appeal to an international audience.

Investing in Manchester

If you’re thinking of investing in a UK city, Manchester seems to be the perfect location. Now, with its title as one of the UK’s best cities to live in, it will be even more attractive. With an increasing demand for rental accommodation, improvements to infrastructure and widespread investment, there’s plenty to make the most of. New developments in Manchester are providing the cities new residents with high-quality chic apartments. RW Invest have an exclusive collection of Manchester investment properties available to view here. Investors from all around the world have been profiting from this increasingly strong economy. Manchester is one of the best UK cities for rental returns and capital appreciation. This ranking is one of a number of signifiers that there’s money to be made from a Manchester investment.

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