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Manchester is a vibrant, forward thinking metropolis with one of the most attractive city centre investment markets in Britain for new builds Manchester, offering unparalleled opportunities for buy to let new builds.

Pivotal to the recent success of Manchester is a revival demand for city centre living. Regeneration projects across the city add to the appeal to live, work and play and city living has gained strong momentum in Manchester over the past couple of years. Together with a tremendous student market and housing supply considerably constrained, the demand for new build property has escalated beyond belief and ascends to the forefront of the market.

Emerging as the North of England’s cultural and entertainment hub, many tech companies are now relocating to this bustling city, boosting the economy and sky rocketing its population by 26% with employment forecasted to increase by a further 4.3% over the next five years. New builds are meeting the perpetual demands of a multitude of businesses relocating up north to seek lower rents compared to the capital.

For investors seeking a lucrative new build opportunity in Manchester, it is the student population that remains a key driving force behind the city. Spread across four universities is a student population in excess of 85,000, a vital component in influencing opportunities in buy to let new builds.

Buy To Let Manchester
Benefits of Manchester Off-Plan Property

The rapidly transforming city has the highest retention rate of students after London, with an immense figure of 50% choosing to remain in the city after they graduate. Similarly, 6 in 10 Manchester-born students who move away to study return to their home turf of Manchester upon completion. A steady continuum of young professionals are seeking new build opportunities located in an urban environment – the city centre.

Boosted by the northern powerhouse initiative, connectivity across Manchester is exceeding all expectations. Plans for extensive, speedy and regular links to the capital are capturing the interest of savvy investors who wish to purchase new build property for ease and convenience, whilst staying in the hustle and bustle of their favoured city.

Manchester has seen the fastest growth in England and Wales, surpassing that of London, with its population increasing by a total of 149% and a job growth of 84% over a 13 year period. New build properties are materialised to be in keeping with this progressively saturated market.

New builds Manchester are increasing in popularity due to a competitive off-plan price, making it a more prosperous and modern appeal to individuals hoping to secure a prosperous investment that has the potential to gain capital appreciation before the completion date.

Despite the progression of a new build development, the surrounding area of Manchester is advancing exponentially. Over the duration of the build in terms of regeneration, investors can start to see a stable increase in value on property before the unit is even tenanted.

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