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Our detailed market analysis reports have been created to provide an insight into the current property market and the latest trends you should be aware of. As you will be aware, the property market experiences peaks and troughs. Therefore, you should consider using our up to date property advice, which will help you make an executive decision regarding your next property purchase.

Whether you are a first-time investor or one with a multitude of experience, you must understand precisely how the market is performing, as this will have an impact on your future successes. It is important to seek out properties that will offer high rental yields and assured capital appreciation, which is why we have compiled market analysis reports to help you understand the current state of the property market. This will allow you to weigh up your options and decide whether an investment in your sights is worthwhile, or you should be looking elsewhere.

Explore our UK property market in numbers report, which provides a detailed analysis into the way the market has performed in 2018 and how it is forecasted to flourish in 2019. It also discusses the effect Brexit will have on your investments, as well as reassuring you that despite the exit from the European Union, your investments will remain lucrative. Alongside this is a location guide, which will help you determine where is best to invest by analysing the cost of property over the years, and comparing the different regions in the UK to establish where the top rental yields can be found. This includes the top 5 performing postcodes in the UK, which are measured by rental yield percentages. These figures will offer you knowledge on the most worthwhile locations in the UK, giving you great value for your money by providing you with excellent rental returns. It will also help you to avoid areas in decline, such as London, which is experiencing a stagnating market with regard to the property sector.

Our updated 2019 UK property market in numbers report also lays out the state of the UK property market by analysing the average prices across each region. Rental trends are reassessed to establish any year on year changes, while also making projections for the future up to 2023.  It also compares rental growth across the UK’s major cities, including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham. These statistics will help you understand where you should avoid and what cities you should look to for a lucrative investment. The advice given in these guides will enable you to make calculated decisions regardless of the uncertainty of the market.

Fluctuations in the market, both past and present, could potentially affect your investment decision; therefore, as property investment specialists, we can help to provide investment tricks and tips to ensure a seamless process. Whether you are concerned about the location of your investment, and which area will give you the most substantial returns, or how property in the North compares to the South, RW Invest market analysis reports are packed with relevant information about the UK buy to let market.

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