Off-plan property is popular with investors as it offers the potential to combine substantial capital appreciation with a long-term return on investment. The main advantage of buying property this way is to secure a purchase price lower than the market value once construction is complete.


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A Buyers Guide To Off-Plan

Buying off-plan means buying a property before construction work has commenced. There are many advantages to this type of property investment, such as securing the best units and having an influence on design and specification during construction. As the value of your investment will increase during the construction period, off-plan property is an excellent way to achieve capital appreciation and secure a high return on investment. Before you begin, however, there are certain factors to consider.

Do your research

Comprehensive market research and forecasting is essential when purchasing to achieve the most from your investment. Without understanding both the local property market and the local socio-economic climate you will be investing blind. For example, questions such as: what demographic is the development aimed at? Is there currently existing demand? If not where is the demand coming from? What are the factors likely to affect the market in the short-term? Is there a particular public or private investment that is set to improve local market conditions?

Get in early

As an investor, you should be aware of where the major regeneration areas in a city are, where infrastructural improvements will be creating new value in the years ahead, and where commercial investment is taking place.

Successful off-plan developments are dependent on a high standard of existing infrastructure: good transport links, modern amenities, shops and restaurants, and educational facilities, are all crucial to create demand among prospective tenants.

As with any property development, there will be more and less desirable units. Investing is this type of property investment is a great way to ensure that you get the pick of the bunch. Ask your agent to see floor-plans and CGI images to ascertain which units have the best views. North-south orientation is another big selling point for prospective tenants, as is proximity to lifts and public access in apartment blocks. By investing this way you get to understand the pros and cons of a building before a brick has been laid. You can then ensure the property meets your requirements by influencing interior design and specifications.

Discounts and incentives are also often available for this type of investment, such as interest on deposit during construction and discounts on bulk purchases.

Despite the many benefits of structuring your investment in this way, it’s not suitable for everyone. The majority of lenders don’t design mortgages for off-plan purchases, so securing the funds can become complicated. This form of property investment is an especially good option for cash buyers.

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