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Manchester Property Investment

Manchester Property Investment

Length: 0:24

by RWinvest
22 December 2020

Top Tips Video Thumbnail

Top Tips for getting started in Property Investment

Length: 0:30

by RWinvest
08 October 2020

Bridgewater Wharf - Central Manchester Apartments

Bridgewater Wharf – Central Manchester Apartments

Length: 4:04

by RWinvest
14 March 2019

Bridgewater Wharf – Manchester Buy to Let Apartments

Bridgewater Wharf – Manchester Buy to Let Apartments

Length: 2:37

by RWinvest
25 January 2019

Local Blackfriars Video Tour

Local Blackfriars Video Tour

Length: 2:15

by RWinvest
11 January 2019

West Point Completed Apartment Tour - January 2018

West Point Completed Apartment Tour – January 2018


by RWinvest
01 February 2018

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Virtual Reality Viewings

With many of our properties being off-plan developments, in preparation for the future of different areas around the country, the traditional viewing experience is shifting into something more dynamic.

By utilising VR technology, investors can get an authentic and immersive look at their prospective property, helping them to fully visualise how it will look and feel on completion.

For more information on how to explore one of our properties through Virtual Reality, get in touch with our team today.


Webinars and Guides

Our expansive range of informative video webinars, updates and guides complements the range of different free guides we provide throughout our site, aiding you in taking the right steps with your investment strategy.

Our video graphics condense down some crucial key points to consider about the investment market, and are a great place to start if interested in Liverpool, Manchester, Student property or the UK market in general.

Liverpool One Islington Plaza Overview Liverpool One Islington Plaza Overview

CGI Videos

Another way that we help our investors to visualise their investments is with state-of-the-art, photo-realistic CGI renders of the different developments.

A far cry from the traditional blueprint, these fully 3D visuals again help investors to clearly envisage what shape their investment will take upon completion, and what impact it will have on the surrounding area and city.


Construction Updates

From our vast existing library of updates on previous properties and developments, you can see that we keep investors in the loop every step of the way, from the beginning of construction until completion.

We even use drone footage to provide an overview of the different sites as they are progressing, capturing birds-eye overviews of the development sites in context to the surrounding area.