Tobacco Wharf – Riverside City Residence

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Tobacco Wharf Liverpool Property Investment

Chic City Apartments

  • Prices from £84,995
  • 7% NET Rental Return for 1 Year
  • 4 Minutes to Liverpool City Centre
  • Completed and Tenanted Property
  • Luxury Furniture Packs Available
  • Experienced Management Firm

Tobacco Wharf – One and Two-Bedroom Chic City Apartments

Tobacco Wharf is located in a newly refurbished building. A limited number of beautifully designed and high-quality finished apartments presents potential Liverpool tenants with a new level of residential accommodation.

Just a six-minute drive or four minutes on the train into Liverpool city centre, this already completed and fully tenanted apartment block provides its residents with a distinct living experience benefiting from the stunning, riverside tranquillity of the adjacent wharf alongside the bustling streets of a city centre lifestyle.

The spacious apartments are also well lit by large, feature windows that overlook the canal below with further views over to skyscrapers sprinkled across Liverpool’s dynamic horizon.

With both one and two-bedroom apartments integrated into the industrially inspired architecture, Tobacco Wharf reflects the heritage of the local area that is just a short walk from a key regeneration zone that has recently received £150 million in investment.

Investment Overview

  • Prices from £84,995
  • 7% NET Rental Return for One Year
  • Four Minutes to Liverpool City Centre
  • Completed and Tenanted Property
  • Luxury Furniture Packs Available
  • Experienced Management Firm

Liverpool – A Destination for Investment  

The city of Liverpool is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to 21st century property investment. With its powerhouse location in the North of England combined with its magnetism for regeneration, the urban region is the UK’s top city for buy to let property investment.

Offering postcodes with the highest rental yields and amazingly low prices, Liverpool property has benefitted immensely from nearby regeneration projects such as the colossal £5.6 billion Liverpool Waters and the £400 million L2 Superport which are putting this Northern Powerhouse city on the map for investments of global scale and significance.

Residential accommodation in particular is benefiting from the increased number of young tenants in the area who are lapping up the abundance of employment opportunities produced by the city’s thriving growth prospects, with £1.6 billion in economic growth recorded year-on-year in Liverpool’s central region.

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