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Construction Updates

Whether you’re interested in investing in a particular property or you’ve recently purchased a property and want to find out about its development progress, our construction updates section contains plenty of information on each of our current developments.

Within our construction updates section, you’ll find information on whether construction has begun on the property, the date construction began, the biggest updates of each month, and the future construction plans that are in store for further progress in the coming months.

We care a lot about keeping our clients in the loop, which is why we take so much pride in offering regular and detailed construction updates.

We aim to have all construction work completed as quickly as possible, and progress is being made throughout all of our developments on a regular basis.

Construction updates are particularly helpful for investors who are considering buying an off-plan property but don’t want to wait too long before it is complete.

By checking our construction updates section, you can see how each development is moving along and view high-quality images showcasing the progression, allowing you to identify the developments that are almost complete and those for which building has only just begun.

We only work with the very best property developers on the market to ensure that development progress is efficient and forward-moving.

This is evident through both the fact that our properties are so well-designed and high-quality and our construction updates are so frequent.

If you want to find out more about our construction updates, head to our construction updates page to read the latest progress for each of our properties.


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Track Record Portfolio

At RWinvest, we have a strong track record of success with our property developments.

We understand that our investors put their trust in us to deliver their property within a good period of time, and to the highest standard.

That’s why we offer information on some of our most successful property developments, allowing potential investors to gain some insight on our strong track record of success before moving forward with the purchase of one of our properties.

By bringing you information on developments which completed successfully and timely, you can feel more comfortable with your investment as a whole, and ready to take your next step.

Examples of successful past developments that you’ll find in our track record portfolio include Reliance House, a Liverpool property for which phase 1 completed in less than two years.

With such affordable prices and a premium Liverpool location, these properties sold out in under six months, making them one of our most successful refurbished property projects.

Another past refurbishment project, Westpoint in Manchester, developed by award-winning property development company Beech Holdings, completed in fantastic timing in just over two years, having undergone a lot of extensive regeneration to get to the place it is today.

To find out more about our portfolio of successfully completed properties, take a look at our track record portfolio page now for more in-depth information.


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