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Regeneration at Anfield and just down the road with Project Jennifer are helping to transform the area just north of Liverpool city centre.


Along with the new £120 million main stand at Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium which will boost capacity to 54,000, a high street is being regenerated in order to enhance public access and improve the quality of the area in Anfield. The major expansion in collaboration with Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Football Club and Your Housing Group will cost £260 million and will feature retail shops, business space and additional homes and apartments, with some buildings being completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up to illuminate the ambition of this prospering city.

Liverpool Football Club Anfield Stadium

£36 million has been invested in housing with over 300 homes undergoing refurbishment. This initiative is encouraging investors to look to Anfield for residential property investments in close commuting distance to the city centre. A school and health centre are just some of the newly built projects that have already been opened in to mark the revival of this previously run-down district, with plans for a new hotel also in the pipeline. The scheme is also making great progress in terms of refurbished developments as Anfield Sports and Community Centre boasts an example of successful rejuvenation.

Anfield Regeneration

To make this zone more public friendly, Anfield plans for streets to be repaved and pedestrianised to a high quality whilst trees will be planted in landscaped gardens to establish a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the general public. Tenants will be pulled into this inner-city zone with its improved public realm and more affordable property, allowing landlords to invest in a crucial regeneration hotspot in one of the UK’s most prosperous cities.

Project Jennifer

Dominating Great Homer Street, Project Jennifer is a regeneration project worth £150 million that has taken the North of Liverpool by storm. Residents of the local area remain the primary focus behind the plans which include a giant Sainsbury’s supermarket and petrol station, 80,000 square foot District Centre and 900 free car parking facilities for customers. Big retail brands and famous food chains have selected the regeneration zone for new branches in recognition of the area’s new-found status.

New Shops In Project Jennifer Liverpool

Road quality enhancement also makes travelling from place to place more efficient with a new link between the vibrant street and Scotland Road. A pedestrianised walkway also makes life easier on foot for pedestrians who might want to visit Great Homer Street’s famous Greatie Market which allows locals to socialise and sample the freshest fruit and veg whilst visiting vintage clothing stalls.

Project Jennifer Liverpool

In partnership with St Mowden, Liverpool City Council has funded the scheme which will also welcome construction of a number of new homes where residents can take advantage of the sense of community present in this unique communal space. The area is quickly becoming one of Liverpool’s new residential hot topics and is valued an important cog in the turning wheel of Liverpool regeneration. The scheme will create at least 1,000 jobs and is situated just 1.2 miles from Liverpool city centre – an ideal location that balances city centre living with lower cost property for both tenants and investors.

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