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Rotunda Inclusive Boxing Hub based in Kirkdale, Liverpool, have launched a brand-new initiative catering to young people from all different backgrounds across the Merseyside region. Alongside the huge amount of success the club has received over recent months, RW Invest are delighted to have recently become a sponsor for this emerging local club. Both the staff and members work ethic is undeniable, as staff focus all their efforts on improving the lives of local children from all walks of life.

Rotunda Inclusive Hub Kirkdale Liverpool

Liam Starkey, a property investment consultant from RW Invest, is one of 12 Inclusive Hub Volunteers that devote their time to progressing the future of each member, both old and new. Liam states,

The Inclusive Hub not only provides benefits of boxing training but of all different sporting activities, so each child feels comfortable and stimulated whilst exercising.

The children’s parents have found a place where there is respite and a chance to chat with other parents who support children within the Autism spectrum, mental health issues and supervision orders just to name a few.

The recent 12-week programme released to monitor 10 children is ground-breaking and I’m immensely proud that with the help of RW invest, The National Lottery, The City of Liverpool’s Lord Mayor Fund amongst others that we can change lives for the better”.

The state of the art exercise programme running over a 12-week period has been designed with each individual in mind. The “Watch us Get Fit” initiative presents the first opportunity of its kind for young people across the Merseyside region. Proudly in association with the Jamie Carragher Academy, this scheme has been greatly anticipated at Rotunda Inclusive Hub as it aims to target each participant separately. The bespoke exercise programme will monitor youths via FitBit technology, with the vision of rolling this out across the whole country over future months.

The purpose of this technology is to help in all different aspects of that person’s life. By outlining short-term targets, as well as establishing long term goals and achievements, these acquired skills can be used during normal everyday life, setting each member up for a positive, successful future.

Each member will be individually monitored, producing a tailored report from the data received by evaluating each child independently. All information gathered will help design the next programme which will guide each member through an optimistic journey of satisfaction, growth and self-belief.

This hugely welcomed scheme at the Rotunda Inclusive Hub is a testament to the efforts from the team of volunteers that work tirelessly to make positive changes throughout the local community, and to provide children of Merseyside with a better outlook on life.

Rotunda Inclusive Hub Boxing Exercise Kirkdale Liverpool

Paul Marshall, an ex-Royal Marine, is a huge advocate of the hard work Rotunda do and said,

“The work you lads do here is unbelievable! I’ve struggled for years to get my brother into sport and now he has a place he can come every week and be a part of a gym and a team”.

Further highlighting their selfless role to help Merseyside’s local children, Anne Marie Christian is also a passionate believer of the club,

You should all be proud of yourselves and the work you all put in for these children and the lives you have changed. The difference in my daughter’s behaviour and her outlook on life is brilliant. You are all selfless and amazing.”

It is a place that offers a wealth of new opportunity for children from all different ability levels. Rotunda provides the chance to exercise and improve every member’s health and mindset, allowing each child to socialise and meet new people as well as learn how to mature into a healthy, happy member of society.

Find out more about Rotunda Inclusive Club on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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