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Liverpool Skyline

Chapter A: Why Invest in Liverpool?

Investors from around the world regularly take advantage of Liverpool’s property investment opportunities. But why is that? 

In the first section of our Liverpool property investment guide, we’ll look at some of the reasons why buy-to-let in Liverpool is so popular and why you should invest in property in this city. 


Key Topics: 


  • The benefits of investing in Liverpool for rental yields. 
  • Liverpool’s thriving rental market. 
  • Affordable property prices in Liverpool. 
  • Strong capital growth prospects from Liverpool buy to let.

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What Are the Most Popular Districts in Liverpool?

If you’re not from Liverpool, you might not be familiar with all of the neighbourhoods and districts within the city. Before you invest in property or buy a house in Liverpool, knowing more about the most common areas is essential. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular Liverpool areas that you should know about.

The city centre is undoubtedly Liverpool’s most popular area, especially for tourists or students and young professionals looking for a place to live in the city. 

The city centre, and many other inner-city areas such as Kensington, are often considered the best postcodes in Liverpool to make a property investment. 

This is because property prices within inner-city Liverpool are often more affordable but come with more rental demand. 

Many investors look for apartments to buy in Liverpool city centre or other inner-city areas, with the average asking price for one-bedroom flats in the city centre being £124,792 as of June 2022.

Located to the South end of the city, South Liverpool is a suburban district with plenty to see and do. 

With some of Liverpool’s highest property prices, South Liverpool is considered a more affluent area which is generally more popular with young couples or families looking to buy a house in Liverpool. 

For buy-to-let, Liverpool areas like Garston and Aigburth are popular with investors due to their growing young professional scene. 

While South Liverpool may not be one of the strongest buy-to-let areas in Liverpool, it still boasts a strong property market thanks to rising house prices and is viewed as one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool. 

The appeal of South Liverpool lies mainly in the attractions available, with plenty of green space, shops, bars and restaurants, and a range of good schools. 

Current asking prices in the L18 postcode, which spans affluent areas like Mossley Hill, can be up to £365,000.

The North Liverpool district of the city is a Liverpool area that is becoming more common for those looking to buy a house in Liverpool. 

North Liverpool is known as one of the more affordable areas in Liverpool and has recently started to rise in popularity with first-time buyers and investors. 

This portion of the city is one of the best areas to buy in Liverpool if you have a lower budget available. 

Home of the £1 house scheme in 2017, Liverpool’s Northern district of town, Anfield, offered a range of homes available to purchase for just one pound. 

This scheme involved derelict houses for sale in Liverpool, which allowed many students and lower-income families the chance to purchase a home of their own. 

Once run-down, the Anfield area is also undergoing a lot of regeneration, with plans to vastly improve the quality of life for local residents. 

Property prices in Anfield average at around £100,264 over the past 12 months, while other areas of North Liverpool such as Maghull average at around £224,441.

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4 Reasons to Invest in Liverpool Property

You might be wondering, ‘is Liverpool a good place to invest in property?’, and the truth is that there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the Liverpool buy-to-let market. 

More and more investors are choosing to invest in Liverpool property thanks to the opportunities on offer. 

But what is so great about Liverpool property investment, and why should you consider exploring the property for sale in Liverpool? 

Property investors should consider property investment opportunities in the Liverpool buy-to-let market to take advantage of high rental yields, increasing demand, and strong capital growth potential. 

Keep reading for more information on the benefits of Liverpool buy-to-let investment and why you should explore investment properties in the city.

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