1 - Banner CTA Block

The banner CTAs are used on the majority of page / post builds as it helps break up the content, allows us to offer deals & resources but also gives the user an opportunity to enquire at different stages on the page. (We should be able to edit this block to contain any sort of CTA for example a link to a property or a chat to an agent function etc.

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2 - Guide Download Block

This block is very important as it’s arguably the main CTA on our page builds where we can offer a download to different guides depending on the page. (i believe you have created a similar block top of slide 8&9 on V2)

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3 - Single Property CTA Block

This block will allow us to promote a specific development / unit.

Out Top Pick For October

Units for this investment property are selling fast. Enquire now to secure one of our last remaining 1-bed or 2-bed apartments with a 6% rental yield.
Featured Property - Central Park

4 - Three properties CTA Block

Could you create this block in the new style please, where we can link whichever properties we feel are most important, global edits should be available for this block so we can keep the block uniformed across all pages with the most relevant properties! (i believe we can use the ‘Recommended Properties’ block on slide 2&3 of V2)

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Central Park

Embankment Exchange

The Mill

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