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Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods, home to a host of eclectic businesses, bars, and restaurants. Back in 2017, the Baltic Triangle was voted one of the coolest places to live by The Times thanks to its unique urban feel and vibrant atmosphere. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Baltic area is considered one of the best spots in Liverpool for investments, and it’s about to get a much-needed boost.

St James train station, located below the Baltic Triangle, has been closed since 1917. There’s been a lot of speculation over recent years about the possibility of reopening St James station, and following recent announcements, it looks as though these plans are about to become a reality. If all goes to plan, the re-introduction of this station will be huge for the city’s property market in terms of property values and rental demand.

St James Station Baltic Triangle Regeneration

Among plans for the reopening of St James, another Merseyrail station is set to open – Headbolt Lane in Kirkby. It’s well known that areas with proximity to transport links have significantly higher property values, and in areas in which new train stations are introduced, property prices rise. One example is with Stratford in London, where property prices had risen by as much as 10 per cent following the creation of new rail lines. By opening these two new major stations in Liverpool, expect to see the already booming housing market of Liverpool grow even further.

Investment in the Baltic Triangle is more prominent than ever before, and it’s all thanks to regeneration. Before extensive regeneration began back in 2012, the Baltic Triangle area was once a rundown district filled with abandoned warehouses and known solely for its maritime history. Today, investors from around the globe view Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle as an exciting and ever-expanding UK property hotspot.

Over £128 million has been invested into regenerating the area over the years, and the reintroduction of St James station is the final piece in the puzzle to bring the area to the forefront even further. Property prices in Liverpool, and the north-west as a whole, are growing at a faster rate than the rest of the UK. Investors keen to purchase a buy to let property in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle are advised to do so soon in order to take full advantage of the area’s capital growth potential.

Liverpool Property
Baltic Triangle Train Station Regeneration Property

Not only will the regeneration of St James station lead to a boost in property values, but increased tenant demand is also on the horizon. The Baltic Triangle is home to a number of award-winning businesses residing in spaces such as the Baltic Creative and Elevator Studios. This, combined with the Baltic’s reputation as Liverpool’s hippest neighbourhood, has led to an influx of young professionals seeking quality rental accommodation in the area. Since many of the Baltic Triangle’s residents will be commuting to other parts of the city or travelling to nearby cities like Manchester, the reopening of St James is likely to attract even more rental interest and improve quality of life for those living in the area.

The popularity of the Baltic area has enabled rental values to rise, resulting in the impressive yields available. A prime example of this is with our One Baltic Square development which comes with a 7 per cent NET rental yield for one year. Formed of five apartment buildings with a striking Italian-style piazza and five rooftop gardens, this off-plan residential development will bring a new urban village to the fast-growing Baltic neighbourhood.

Another of our current Baltic Triangle investment opportunities, Parliament Square, comes with 7 per cent yields and is priced from as low as £94,950. Thanks to recent St James announcements, investors who have already purchased units within our Parliament Square and One Baltic Square developments are due to benefit massively from this boost in capital growth potential.

Baltic Triangle Train Station Location Map

If you’re interested in making an investment in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, please contact us on 0151 808 1250 or email us at for more information.

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