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Student Property Investment Guide
Student Property Investment
Investing In Student Property
Student Property Investment
UK Higher Education in Numbers

Student Investment Guide

On this page, you will find a link to our detailed guide on student property investment, new and updated for 2019. The guide features general statistics on the market as it stands, details on the growing appetite and market for PBSA accommodation, and even information on international student interest in the UK. All of this is alongside sleek visuals and helpful infographics on relevant information to help you in your educational property search.

Student accommodation is a great investment strategy for both the first-time buyer and the experienced buy to let investor. Following on from our guide, if you have any questions on the student accommodation market, or wish for more information on a specific property type or field, do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team, who would love to assist you further with expert advice. Alternatively, take a look at the student section on our site, which is populated with a wealth of varied content, such as information on our latest property offerings, news posts and more.

Student Accommodation: At a glance

With an already huge and exponentially growing number of students going to university each year, it is easy to see why the student property market is similarly surging at the moment, and why it is such a viable option for investors to make when deciding to buy.

At RW Invest, with offices across the country in Liverpool, Manchester, London and Leeds, we pride ourselves on giving investors the best chance at success, with a strong knowledgebase on the property market. We specialise in property investment opportunities across the North West region, the best area currently for student accommodation.

Manchester, a beaconing Northern city with a huge amount of growing influence, has a similarly growing population of around 550,000, and one of the largest student populations in the entirety of Europe. The demand for high quality student housing in this area is palpable to investors looking for a lucrative buy-to-let hotspot, and average house prices also fall way under that of London.

Liverpool’s student accommodation market is similarly booming at the moment. With our company headquarters within walking distance of the city’s thriving education sector, we at RW Invest are able to provide investors with an extensive knowledgebase of the city and its surrounding investment hotspots, and offer some of the best investment opportunities in the area. This is perfect for the buyer looking to cement themselves in this burgeoning city for the future.

Higher Education in Numbers Infographic

Alongside our detailed guide, you will also find a link to a supplemental, high-quality infographic, entitled ‘Higher Education in Numbers’. This graphic displays some useful statistics, such as the best areas for student rental yields, projections for additional university places in the future, and estimates on the monetary amounts generated by universities in the UK.

Did you know? Around 47% of students in the UK come from outside of their domicile region, meaning that plentiful and adequate housing is a necessity. This is great news for the potential investor, as it helps to guarantee that their property will be occupied as soon as possible, kickstarting and bolstering the income stream generated by their purchase. Additionally, a large percentage of students interested in studying in the UK come from abroad, and so a massive surge in demand comes from their chosen university town or city during term-time.

A major keystone and component of the success and profitability of student accommodation for investors is the tenant themselves. Student tenants and their growing appetite for high-quality living are what spur on the continued production and surge in university housing, which is why it is important for you as a prospective investor to understand the market that you’re aiming to entice.

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