Liverpool’s sleeping giant, a vast area of derelict dockland on the northern shore of Liverpool will welcome a vibrant new creative quarter Liverpool with open arms by transforming over 125 acres of Liverpool’s Northern City Fringe into a vibrant destination that will drive future prosperity and enhance the city’s status as an international destination, Ten Streets district Liverpool.

Ten Streets Liverpool is revolutionary project has been appropriately named ‘Ten Streets’ due to the plans to restore ten neglected streets between Peel’s £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters regeneration scheme, Bramley Moore Dock and Stanley Dock.

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle set the tone for regeneration across Liverpool and Ten Streets sets out to replicate this success as the second creative and digital hub in the city.

Ten Streets

Specifically designed to propel Liverpool into the limelight in terms of driving prosperity and radical innovation, Ten Streets will offer spaces which directly cater to the specialist need of entrepreneurs in digital and creative technology.

Liverpool’s strong urban grain and distinctive character has enabled the city to flourish into one of the greatest maritime cities in the world. Located within Liverpool’s Maritime Mercantile City, a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, Ten Streets introduces a pioneering regeneration project that has been actively encouraged across the region. Remarkably, the urban design strategy means Liverpool’s next phase of renewal will not hinder its World Heritage Status. Conserving and refurbishing the area’s Listed buildings is important and nurturing the extraordinary features that are so familiar across the city is essential.

Rich historical assets set the boundaries for the foundations of the Ten Streets Liverpool project. Breathing a new lease of life into a significant maritime architecture, will fuse alongside the plethora of bold urban designs the city is welcoming. Beautifully appointed facades stand proudly next to an array of notable commercial and industrial heritage buildings, providing a pivotal location for creative enterprises and start-ups to prosper.

Liverpool Waters

The vision based on Ten Big Ideas, acts as a set of guiding principles and initial ideas that help to define the city as a place of unique character and personality. One important factor is to nurture existing assets and revitalise opportunities that are glorified throughout Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Titanic Hotel in Stanley Dock acted as a catalyst for Liverpool Ten Streets project. The hotel experienced a complete revamp and helped establish the exceptional standard of building conversions in Liverpool’s tired docklands.  The 19th century warehouse stood empty before being transformed into a reputable, up market hotel with distinctive aesthetics in 2014. Since its introduction, work has since started on the Grade II listed Tobacco Warehouse in Stanley Dock, one of Liverpool’s most iconic structures, to establish 538 state of the art waterfront apartments which will complement the original Victorian features whilst highlighting new contemporary finishes – protecting one of the city’s most precious assets whilst providing a new identity.

Whilst a multitude of regeneration in the Ten Streets area contains planning for momentous commercial studio and residential developments in Stanley Dock, there is boundless opportunity for numerous other investments too.

Celebrating Liverpool’s rich culture and diversity, the city aspires to firmly place itself in the spotlight on an international scale. Ten Streets district Liverpool is set to facilitate the creation of a new cultural enterprise hub with the potential to create up to 2,500 jobs and strengthen the economic stability of the city.

Ten Streets Liverpool is essential for Liverpool’s future economy, and replicates similar themes found in Liverpool’s Commercial District and the Knowledge Quarter. As a city that epitomises success through business, the metropolis of Liverpool requires diverse economies with quarters and spaces catering to the specialist needs and values of different sectors and businesses. The Liverpool Ten Streets project aims to deliver an idyllic environment and workspace for artistic, creative and cultural enterprise. An expanse of space, tranquil ambience, innovative infrastructure of vast scale conjures together to present the ideal location for this vital missing part in Liverpool’s splendid offering.


A cutting edge revolving stage will launch the city into an instantly recognisable destination through its immersive experience and international quality performance programme. Working harmoniously next to the Liverpool Waters regeneration project, the new dimension of Ten Streets Liverpool will satisfy the needs of tenants through the stunning new theatre and music venue that has been proposed. By advancing on the existing performing arts Liverpool has to offer, Ten Streets aims to build on this potential by creating more stages for cultural expression and performance.

The Ten Streets Liverpool will incorporate an exemplary neighbourhood for renewable energy and create an environmentally friendly area through design and construction. By welcoming a new neighbourhood of radical architecture, Ten Streets Liverpool will outline the new standards for environmental sustainability, smart energy and digital connectivity.

Creating new spaces as part of Ten Streets Liverpool is imperative to provide areas of relaxation and recreation. New spaces, pocket parks and urban squares will help conjure a new sense of place. Places to reflect, breathe, unwind and imagine will be created to introduce a contrast to the urban feel presented through the intertwining streets that house large scale warehouses and tightly compacted buildings. New pedestrian and cycle friendly avenues will be at the heart of the vibrant, flourishing neighbourhood.

Tobacco Warehouse

Major investment across the Liverpool Ten Streets project incorporate new rail connections adding to the ease of access between Ten Streets Liverpool, the wider city and the city centre. Liverpool’s evolving centre has formed part of an integrated plan with remarkable regeneration on the waterfront. Ten Streets is a gateway north towards Liverpool Waters and other ground-breaking projects designated to the north shore area. Advancements through rail and road will allow Ten Streets to be accessible to all modes of transport.

Liverpool is experiencing a period of renaissance and is changing with the times to adapt to new patterns of commerce. Numerous buildings are emerging as ideal locations for start-up businesses, artists and independent creatives across unexpected places and former industrial districts. The vision is to encourage and cherish new forms of business that amount to the vibrancy and appeal of the Ten Streets District Liverpool, this is underpinned by the thriving community.

Creating a place to be proud of encourages the creation of unprecedented leisure and hospitality opportunities. Ten Streets creative quarter Liverpool injects personality and energy into the city which acts as a magnet for visitors from around the globe. Visitors keen to see what Liverpool has to offer can stay in this powerful Liverpool neighbourhood. Outlining an expansion of the hospitality sector and visitor economy is one of the underpinning strands of the Ten Streets Liverpool. Proposals have been laid to propose commercial neighbourhoods no longer close for business at 5pm, as independent places to eat and drink are integral to the area’s appeal for living, working and investing.

Office Meeting

Collaborating with local organisations, businesses,and investors help to deliver ambitious, but achievable plans to create the Ten Streets District Liverpool vision – a vision that is inclusive and distinctive. Working with partners supports the rapidly emerging potential of the area’s assets. If necessary, relocation of local businesses to allow them to flourish to their full potential may be recommended.

Ten Streets District Liverpool is a unique opportunity to create something special for the city by celebrating a unique district empowered by its own identity that can attract footfall, visitors and jobs from the current city centre core. Without this vision, sporadic regeneration may have stripped the North Docks of its heritage and the future of the city may have been hindered due to lack of cohesive approach.

Written By Naomi Taylor | 10th July 2018

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