Buy to let property investors are flocking to the Northern Powerhouse. The leading cities of the Northern Powerhouse, Liverpool and Manchester, brightest lights of the North of England, are buy to let property hotspots. Each offers low starting costs and high rental yields for investors who have wised up to the fact that there is serious money to be made in the Northern Powerhouse.

But what is the Northern Powerhouse? It is a project initiated by former UK Chancellor George Osborne. It aimed to kickstart the economies of Liverpool and Manchester. The initiative combines the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS).

Liverpool and Manchester - Two Major Cities of the Northern Powerhouse great for Property Investment

Both of these great cities have grown exponentially, enjoying notable and prosperous booms and boosting their economies. From small businesses to individual investors, to swelling workforces with more disposable income than ever, the Northern Powerhouse is a success. The cumulative effects of such economic prosperity have had an incredible impact on the property markets of both cities. Liverpool and Manchester are ripe for buy to let property investment. Those wise enough to stake their money in the Northern Powerhouse property market will reap the rewards.

So why invest in the Northern Powerhouse? Because there are plenty of incredible Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities to take advantage of. Whether you are located in the North, elsewhere in the UK or overseas, there are enough reasons to become a buy to let property investor in the North West.


Liverpool and Manchester have been the recipients of extensive, ambitious and large-scale regeneration work in the last decade alone. The determination from both Northern cities to become viable global economic contenders and magnets for investment and tourism has seen the vast reshaping of iconic waterways, byways and highways.

Liverpool Waters is the £5.6 billion development that will reshape two million square metres of the city’s northern dockland areas. The area will become a residential, commercial and leisure juggernaut. A total of 315,000 square metres of office space will be created, establishing up to 37,000 jobs as a result. The city’s booming property market will welcome 9,000 new privately-rented apartments across five new urban neighbourhoods.

Manchester Waters is to regenerate 26 acres of Greater Manchester dockland located between Castlefield and Salford Quays. The £1 billion scheme will create 2,500 new homes and swathes of retail, commercial and office space.

Manchester and Liverpool - Northern Powerhouse Regeneration

Liverpool is making inroads to improve its transport infrastructure. The £500 million Better Road scheme will service critical routes that will experience increased volumes of heavy-duty traffic. Similarly, the £460 million restructuring of the Merseyside rail network will bring better and faster train links to the region. A new fleet of trains will bring increased passenger capacity, faster journeys and more environmentally sound transportation to an expanded and regenerated network. Commuters living outside of the city centre will be able to make it into Liverpool more quickly than ever.

Liverpool is also servicing its booming workforce with regeneration initiatives that are bringing the country’s best and brightest to the city. The Knowledge Quarter promotes progress in innovative industries like materials chemistry and cognitive computing. Liverpool Science Park is a vital component of the Knowledge Quarter, giving increased connectivity to a community of the finest minds in the country.

Northern Powerhouse, North East and London House Price Growth Chart

House Prices and Rental Yields in The Northern Powerhouse

With property, there are plenty of Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities. House prices have grown faster in the Northern Powerhouse than any other region. Property prices have spiked by 5.6% in the area over the last 12 months. Prices in London fell by 0.7% during the same period. Property prices in the South West and West Midlands grew by 4.4%. The North East experienced 2.8% growth. The South East region only increased by 1.8%. The national average growth from July 2017 to July 2018 was 3.1%.

The growth of Northern Powerhouse property prices hasn’t diluted the attractiveness of Liverpool or Manchester to developers and investors. The highest average house price in Manchester currently stands at £232,365. The average price in London is £484,926; over double that of their Northern Powerhouse competitor. Liverpool performs even better than their Northern Powerhouse neighbour. As of September 2018, the average house price in the city is £173,101.

When it comes to Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities, the region offers some of the best rental yields in the country. RW Invest developments are some of the most enticing, worthwhile and profitable Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities available.

Properties in Liverpool, such as the newly-available One Baltic Square, offer 7% and 8% net rental return. For lower starting costs than you would pay elsewhere, buy to let investors can make a serious and profitable foray into the Northern Powerhouse property market.

Across the River Mersey in Birkenhead, Hamilton Hub, another RW Invest property, offers 8% net rental return. It is situated in an area of the Northern Powerhouse undergoing £1 billion worth of regeneration. The district will become a prime location for tenants and workers in this revitalised part of the Northern Powerhouse.

The Manchester properties offered by RW Invest are also extremely lucrative for buy to let investors. Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities such as Caxton Hall and The Warehouse Manchester offer investors between 8% and 9% net rental return.

Northern Powerhouse Investment Opportunities

An ever-increasing number of people are flocking to the Northern Powerhouse to live and work. As more people than ever are leaving London, beset by a spiralling cost of living and slumping property market, they are heading to the Northern Powerhouse for a fresh start in the UK’s boom region.

The population of Liverpool city centre has doubled in a decade, while the number of residents in Manchester city centre has grown by 7,000% since the turn of the century. The majority of these people are young professionals, graduates and students. A massive 60% of Manchester’s entire population is aged between 20-29. They are the main components of Generation Rent, the demographic who make up the vast proportion of private tenants in the UK.

One Baltic Square and The Warehouse Rental Yields in the Northern Powerhouse

With more people renting and living as private tenants than ever before, and with that number projected to grow to 25% of all homes in the UK by 2021, there has never been a more fortuitous time to take advantage of Northern Powerhouse investment opportunities.

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