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The UK offers some of the best investments, which may prove surprising after a somewhat turbulent year in 2017. Following an unpredictable financial year of buy to let tax changes and surprise spikes in interest rates, it is important now more than ever to be clued up when it comes to securing your next investment in an ever-changing market.

The financial landscape has changed momentously over the last few years, but the appeal and benefits of buy to let investment remain unhindered and significant, and the future remains optimistic for this sector.

UK buy to let property investment has been the strongest and most reliable investment market for many years presenting a valuable asset and one of the most lucrative for landlords, but this can only reach its full potential if you choose the right location to invest in.

For investors who are taking a leap of faith outside of their comfort zone for their next purchase, Britain offers a plethora of limitless opportunities to secure strong returns in some of the best locations around the country.

Whilst London has long been celebrated as one of the most sought-after locations as a safe and popular choice, it is evident that the soaring prices are becoming unaffordable and are imposing a detrimental effect on the investment opportunities available.

Turning your attentions away from London, professionals are continuing to flock up north whilst remaining in convenient commuter distance from the capital.

Top Five Best UK Investments

Property markets outside London are expected to be boosted in 2018 by the developments of the Northern Powerhouse rail and HS2. Regions in the north of England are finally anticipated to benefit from Northern Powerhouse related initiatives and it comes as no surprise these cities feature heavily in the Northern Powerhouse initiative for top places to invest.

Regeneration initiatives place UK cities on an instantly recognisable global scale, which is important for attracting overseas investors too.

As with any investment opportunity, investment across the UK does have its associated risks, but the country provides strong grounds to unlock great potential for investing.

Property is still amongst the best asset classes as property has been consistently performing stock and shares and other mainstream assets for more than a decade. For many investors looking to diversify their property portfolio it is important to conduct the right research, make use of the right guidance and take your time with the investment, you may well be able to secure yourself a property investment filled with prosperity if you choose wisely.

Top Five Best UK Investments

Affordable property prices combined with thriving economies are drawing more property investors to stretch their portfolio across the UK offering a huge rental pool with strong property growth in certain areas. RWinvest have devised a list of top 5 places in the UK which undoubtedly dominate the country for best current property hotspots.

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