The UK property market is booming and showing no signs of slowing down. Now is a better time than ever for those interested in becoming a property investor to take their first steps towards UK property investment, with UK cities such as Manchester being hailed the most livable cities in the world. If you’re interested in investing in property in UK cities, make sure you take a look at our buy to let advice guide to some of the best property investment areas in the UK in 2018.

Property Investment Liverpool

Liverpool has gained a name for itself as a hotspot for property investment in 2018, and for good reason. Buy to let investment in Liverpool is hugely growing in popularity, with the city attracting investors from around the globe. The economic worth of Liverpool is estimated to reach £121 billion, with an expected 4.4% population increase by 2025.

The high levels of regeneration happening within the city is a big contributing factor towards the growing interest in Liverpool’s property market. New developments and improvements fall under the Northern Powerhouse initiative — a project that focuses on investing into skills, transport, culture and innovation to improve the economy of the UK’s Northern cities. A total of around £5.5 billion has gone into regeneration throughout the North West region, with new developments in Liverpool set to bring plenty of new interest to the city for many years to come.

Best Buy To Let Areas 2018

Demand for property is high within Liverpool due to the city having the fastest growing city centre population. This growth is mainly down to young people and students, with 17 to 29-year olds making up three-quarters of the population of the city. This influx of students and young professionals has meant more properties have been developed over recent years to meet the demand, which is great news when it comes to investing in property for beginners. Purpose built student accommodation in Liverpool is a good first-time investment for those interested in buy to let, offering low prices with high rental yields.

Property Investment Manchester

As Liverpool’s Northern neighbour, Manchester is another city that’s gained a reputation as one of the best buy to let property investment areas in the UK, but why exactly is property a good investment in Manchester? Considered the 3rd most influential city in Europe, Manchester is getting the recognition it deserves, with properties at an average price of around £163,800 with a 5.90% net rental yield. The population of Manchester is growing at three times the national average, with more and more people moving to the city from London.

MediaCity UK Best Buy To Let

With a rich culture, wide range of attractions, lively nightlife, and promising business opportunities, Manchester boasts the prospects of London with a more affordable price tag. Manchester is home to the largest single-site university in the country, the University of Manchester. With an overall population of around 85,000 students, along with a high number of international students, there’s a constant demand for student property in Manchester.

The emergence of MediaCityUK, which involves major media organisations such as the BBC and ITV operating in Manchester, means that more young professionals will also be seeking city centre rental properties. We have a choice of fantastic Manchester buy to let properties for sale at RW Invest, with prices ranging from £97,500 to £139,950 and with net yields as high as 9% for two years in our Caxton Hall apartment. The Northern Powerhouse has also impacted Manchester massively, with new developments being made to improve academic research, cultural significance and transport within the city.

Property Investment Wirral

Located just a short train ride away from Liverpool city centre, Wirral makes an interesting opportunity for investors in 2018. Among Wirral’s most popular towns is Birkenhead, a former dock town with breathtaking views of Liverpool. Major renovations are in place that will see plenty of economic growth reach Wirral, such as Wirral Waters, a £4.5 billion regeneration project set to transform the waterfront and make it on par with Liverpool’s waterfront. This scheme will mean major improvements for the area, including the creation of 20,000 new jobs and up to 13,000 new homes.

Wirral is also becoming a popular area for students and young people who prefer to live away from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool city centre, surrounded by the areas serene beaches and quaint towns. Here at RW Invest, we offer the lowest priced student accommodation of all property investment companies in the UK with our Birkenhead-based Hamilton Hub luxury student property, located a three minute train ride away from Liverpool city centre. For those considering investing in property in UK cities in 2018, Wirral is definitely one to watch.

Interested in investing in properties in Liverpool, Manchester or Wirral? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best steps to take.

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