Why Invest in Birmingham
Why Invest In Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and provides a perfect opportunity to invest in property. The city ranks as one of the best investment opportunities in Europe.

Birmingham has an economy £24.8 billion, recorded the strongest outside of London. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that global businesses such as HSBC, Deustche bank and PwC are relocating their headquarters to the city, demonstrating its global appeal that doesn’t just halter at business enterprise. Due to the raise in the Birmingham’s profile, the city was announced as the new host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. As the largest sporting event for the UK since the 2012 London Olympics, Birmingham takes the limelight on a global stage and as a result an estimated £750 million will be generated to boost to its economy.

Birmingham is Europe’s youngest city; out of the current population, which has experienced an increase in 100,000 between 2006 and 2016, 45.7% is estimated to be under the age of 30. Birmingham’s youthfulness and central location are two prevailing reasons why the city has created more businesses than anywhere else outside of the capital. Most recent recorded statistics show Birmingham experiencing 17,473 new businesses start up throughout the city.

Project HS2, Europe’s largest infrastructure, worth £56 billion, is due to be introduced in 2026. The high scale project is determined to diminish travel time from Birmingham and the capital to one hour, raising the accessibility to a plethora of jobs for city commuters.

Development activity and strong incoming investment has resulted in Birmingham topping the list for house price growth, with an uplift of 7.5% on average – the highest in England.

Increased demands of city centre living, produce a faster rate of increasing house prices. With average house prices across the city amounting to an average proportionately affordable rate of £197,461, roughly 10,000 less than Manchester and more than £500,000 less than the average London property, Birmingham still has immense scope for further growth.

An accumulation of 65,000 students across 5 Birmingham universities results in landlords looking to the city to secure the best investments for ambitious graduates choosing to reside in the city.

Currently seeking more inward investment than any other UK region, in addition to the city’s continued undersupply of available homes to meet demands, this is an ideal time for landlords to consider a fruitful best investment into a prime city centre location.

Why Invest In Birmingham
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