Manchester is outshining all current property industry opportunities with its remarkable growth and notable potential for high yields surpassing that of many other UK cities.

One of the north-west England’s most reputable towns, Manchester is the crown jewel of the acclaimed northern powerhouse initiative, a vision to equalise the north-south divide and establish the economy in the north as a powerful asset.

Northern powerhouse cities accumulate a total worth of a staggering £350 billion, with Manchester heading up the powerhouse, this is one of the top most influential cities.

Beetham Tower Why Invest In Manchester

Considered the ‘second city of the UK’ after London is encouraging for the local economy. Manchester’s strengths and potential are being recognised both nationally and internationally to a role that complements London as opposed to competing with it.

Emphasis is placed heavily on connectivity, skills, innovation, culture and business that encourage the city to flourish on all fronts, reaching an unshakeable global presence in property investment. The buy-to-let market is increasing exponentially and Manchester’s appeal as a place to live and work is growing in unison.

Why Invest In Manchester
Why Invest In Manchester

Manchester’s world-renowned universities help to attract large undergraduate numbers who require purpose built student accommodation conveniently located next to campus. The city has the highest retention rate of students after London, with 50% choosing to reside in the city after they graduate. Evidently, the demand for Manchester property is increasing, but it is towering above the supply available, it is the young professionals and students that act as a driving force behind the powering tenant demand.

Developments are increasingly under pressure to deliver modern, state of the art living and Manchester’s population shows no signs of slowing down as predications hint towards figures of nearly 3 million people by 2030. Residential property demands will therefore be under more pressure, and with only 70,000 students out of Manchester’s estimated 100,000 having access to specialised student living, the student sector presents one of the best investments.

Investors are taking advantage of the current undersupply, producing flourishing rental yields, causing the Manchester property market to grow considerably. Property prices increase in line with the burgeoning value of the area, and so investments in this city have high potential for capital appreciation.

MediaCityUK Why Invest In Manchester

If the cost of property continues to follow trends that have been evident in recent years, values will increase and buy to let sellers will make a profit on their initial expenditure.

To gain some perspective, taking the lead in north west property, house prices in the city centre zone went up by 38.3% from 2013 and 2018, currently averaging £182,630, a 10.4% rise over the past year, which is a huge reflection of Manchester’s growing profile.

Across the River Irwell, suburban Salford provides an escape from the main hustle of the city. A key focus for buy-to-let investors, Salford Quays is the second biggest media hub, home to 80 media organisations, and a potential base for the new studios at Channel 4.

As one of the most favoured destinations, the dynamic commercial centre has an economy that has exceeded the UK’s average rate at more than 12% since 2004. This has proven integral to Manchester’s economy and created a prime market on the radar for investors seeking a high quality alternative to city centre living.

Crowned the 3rd most influential city in Europe, the accolade is a testament to its growth and recognition as a global city.

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